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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-2 Recap

Is $25,000 really worth leaving the experience of a lifetime? This week the contestants were greeted by Ali Sweeney and offered an opportunity to have $25,000 if they chose to leave the Biggest Loser ranch this instant. She even offered a limo ride to the airport! It was a matter of how commited they were to changing their lives or whether they were in this game just for the cash prize. Joelle had some weighing thoughts on the matter and almost crossed the line to take the cash. Luckily for her, she realized that there is no experience like this and you cannot put a price on getting your health back.

biggest loser 7Nothing says rest and relaxation like a beautiful shot of the ocean… until Ali Sweeney tells you that it’s time for the challenge! During the challenge the contestants are to hop into a kayak and race to shore where they will be in an uphill battle to the top. Another crucial prize in this weeks challenge because getting to the top of the mountain first means one thing, immunity. Second, third and fourth place means a phone call home but coming in very last means a one pound disadvantage at this weeks weigh-in. Tara wins the challenge, with Blaine in second, Mandi in third, and Helen in fourth. The seven other contestants fight to get to the top so that they are not in last place. Daniel finds himself coming in last and even with the one pound disadvantage staring him in the face, he’s just happy to have made it to the top.

Tempers flare during the last chance workout when Bob Harper finds himself frustrated with Joelle for not giving 100% of herself to the workout. Bob cannot take another moment of Joelle’s talking and not trying and begins to yell. He later describes his yelling as being “possessed by Jillian Michaels.” The priceless look on Jillian’s face tells me that she was not only delighted by the yelling match but found it absolutely comical to see Bob in such spirits!! You can see Bob’s meltdown here.

As we go into the weigh-in with the restless thought of the dreaded week two plateau, we are surprised to see the contestants pulling off double digits! The scale sends Jerry and Daniel below the yellow line. After an emotional decision for most players, the contestants choose to send Jerry home and Daniel has the chance to stay another week.

Although Jerry had some medical issues the first week he was on the ranch he has continued to lose weight at home, eliminate diabetes and get off most of his medications. It’s as if all his medical issues have “gone away.” Jerry and Estella are able to spend most of their free time enjoying life and being active with their grandchildren. At home Jerry has lost 84 pounds and Estella is now under 200. Both are working towards the finale the way they came into this game… together.

January 14th, 2009