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dilzyn asked this question Mar 18th, 2014 8:02 pm

I just Signed up for QWLC today and start on Monday. I Paid $559.000 which included a month of fat burner, month of multivitamin,1 pack of boost, 6 pack of shack, package of tea, a month of sugar and starch blocker, fatty acid supplement, 2 boxes of snacks, & herbal supplement. The price incluedes 26 weeks a visits as well. The fat burner is my biggest concern when it runs out in a month. Does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am also going to be cooking my own foods so that will help in cost. Also, does anyone have a few glasses of wine a week or totally have to cut that out? My goal is 100 lbs and I would really like some feed back. I understand it is costly but I am ready!

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I lost 100 lbs. 3 years ago. Keeping it off was a problem, so I am starting over - on my own this time. Make sure to write down everything and follow their instructions about what to eat and not eat. Drink the water, take the supplements and pay the price to lose.
This time I will try to maintain my weight loss by not eating foods I like - If you like it, don't eat it. Make sure to have a good scale for yourself and for food.
Good Luck - Look online and you will find the same supplements at less cost, but make sure you don't get outdated stuff from someone and don't over-buy, as nothing is returnable. Lots of good things to eat, but tough to eat in restaurants unless you want plain salad and take your own zero cal dressing. Most places don't have a clue on proportion sizes and weights or how the food is prepared - figure grilled means they put oil on the entree, even broiled can have oil on it. Poached salmon is good, but where, except home can you get the correct amount with Mrs. Dash seasoning. Go for frozen veggies, just make sure nothing is added - I just had asparagus that was 20 cal per serving - 4 servings per package that could be microed - It was great with just a bit of Morton Lite on it. 4 oz. sirloin and some mushrooms made a good dinner. Now for the snack - nah, will have another bottle of water. 8 a day? no wine. After you have lost 25 or 30 lbs, nice to tip one for a celebration. Can I lose 100 by my cruise in Oct? You betcha! Can I keep it off, we'll see.
PS - Also, does wonders for social life, but I have found most do gain all their weight back + so stay with the program and follow the low cal maintenance.

posted on Apr 10th, 2014 11:02 pm


Dilzyn...I have an appointment next week to start the program. I've tried Weight Watchers and counting points just was not for me. I eat mostly health foods, my issue is portions and the right amount of servings of right food daily, plus my schedule does not allow much time for preparation, exercise - I usually grab something. I'm willing to try everything till I find what works for me - there is a program for everyone - just need to find. I'have my concerns with the cost after reading all the reviews. My goal is 70-80. Perhaps it great there is a network of folks supporting each other, providing feedback and encouragement. Dilzyn...wish you luck !!!

posted on Dec 5th, 2014 3:20 am


The program works if you follow the plan and keep track of everything you eat. I went from a size 14 to a size 3 in less than three months, it was very expensive to purchase there products. I kept my weight off for 10 yrs. once I stopped taking the fat burner I did gain some of my weight back, but the program does work. I too would like to know where to purchase the fat burners at a lower price.

posted on Jun 30th, 2015 4:18 am