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If we've tried to make one thing clear at DietsInReview.com, it's that dieting and weight loss require much more than a set of instructions. To lose weight and really reach your potential to live a healthy lifestyle, you need fitness support, current news and research, and nutritional guidance. Our growing team of health-minded professionals satisfy these needs. And our more than 435 reviews give you the information you need to make informed decisions about the diet and weight loss market. You also need tools to help reach your goals. Our new Weight Watchers® Points® Calculator is one such tool that can help manage your lifestyle.

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

NEW at DietsInReview.com: Free Weight Watchers Points Calculator

For the tens of thousands of people managing their weight loss with Weight Watchers, you know all too well how important adding those Points can be. So many people are looking for an accessible Weight Watchers Points Calculator online- that we've made that available.

Use it for free, as often as you like. Simply enter the total Calories, Fat Grams and Fiber and you'll get the Weight Watchers Points. It calculates to the first decimal place, so you can manage your eating plan more accurately.

We've also made it so that you can embed this calculator on your diet/weight loss blog or site, making it even more available for you and your site visitors.

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You can find hundreds of free recipes at DietsInReview.com that complement your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb/Atkins Diet. Recipes like the following don’t make you sacrifice flavor for your diet’s sake.

Feta Stuffed Chicken Burgers

Feta Stuffed Chicken Burger

If the summer weather is calling you outside to grill- then go ahead, just leave the guilt at home. These chicken burgers have a medley of rich Mediterranean flavors like feta cheese, roasted peppers, and olives. Try it on a whole grain pita to mix things up. 7 WW Points, 286 Calories, 4g Carbs

turkey burger

Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers

Don't get burned out by cooking the same backyard burgers. Trying leaner meats like these turkey burgers presents an opportunity to eat healthier and expand your palette. The name really says it all- they are delicious and hearty. 5 WW Points, 208 Calories, 2g Carbs

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Kinsey's Nutrition Tips

Five Basic Tips for a Healthy Diet

  1. Eat a variety of foods. Will prevent boredom, and ensure you get the vitamins and minerals you need.
  2. Eat as many fresh foods as possible. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, and skip the processed packaged foods.
  3. Consume as many whole grains as possible. This will give your body the quality carbs and fiber needed to fight disease.
  4. Limit fat consumption. There are good fats and bad fats. Stick to the healthy fat found in nuts, avocados and fatty fish.
  5. Limit cholesterol and sodium. Fight cholesterol by eating lean, low-fat animal products like milk, cheese and meat. Cutting salt will significantly help fight heart disease.

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  Advanced Mediterranean Diet

Winner of The Advanced Mediterranean Diet

Congratulations to David Basile, the winner of our Advanced Mediterranean Diet Book give-away. If David claims his prize within one week's time he will be learning how to live a healthier lifestyle with Dr. Steve Parker's new book, based on a Mediterranean style of eating.

Be sure to look in the August 5 newsletter to learn about our next giveaway.

Learn more about The Advanced Mediterranean Diet.

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It never hurts to have a little more motivation in the gym. Whether you work out at home, or are a regular in the gym, you should consider using these fitness resources to help stay inspired and keep things interesting. With iTrain and Marina's High-NRG Fitness, you can download workouts to your MP3 Player. DVD workout videos from Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner add visual instruction for home training.

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Matt’s Fitness Tip


Why Should I Get A Gym Membership?
Becoming a member at a local gym has several benefits that out weigh the cons of membership costs. Paying for a membership holds you accountable and you are more apt to workout since you are actually paying for it. You will also get to know new people, build relationships, increase motivation, be introduced to new and fun workouts, and access to a personal trainer.

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