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Holiday Gift Guides and Giveaways

Gift BoxIt is most certainly the most wonderful time of the year as we all slow down long enough to appreciate our family, friends, and even some of our favorite foods. Giving and receiving is a big part of the season, which is why we've put together our favorite health and fitness products for five unique gift guides, making it easy for you to give to everyone on your list. And since you're being so generous, we thought we'd give you a chance to win a prize pack from each of these gift guides.

Go ahead and click through, you're bound to find something that fits every yogi, nutrition nut, runner, gadget geek and gym rat you know… or even a few new things you'll want for yourself!

At the end of each gift guide slideshow, you'll have an opportunity to enter to win, with prize packs including Pop Chips, Me & Goji, KURU, iSkin, Gaiam, Prana, Wii games, and so much more!

From all of us at DietsInReview.com, happy holidays! And we look forward to starting a healthy new year with you.

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Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Is there anything as sweet as a simple, basic sugar cookie? Only when it's made with almond flour and Splenda for a much more guilt-free cookie. Use cookie cutters to create your favorite holiday shapes!

Crusty Chicken Pot Pie

Crusty Chicken Pot Pie

Food that warms the soul and that's good for you might seem like a hard thing to come by. This feel-good chicken pot pie uses a homemade crust, chicken breast and mixed veggies to make a favorite comfort food for less than 250 calories per serving.

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We spoke with the author of Joy's LIFE Diet and Today Show's nutrition expert to get the update on how America is doing on our nutrition. Joy also tells us the area that we still need to make improvements and how you can make healthy dinners no matter how busy you are.

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