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Your Best Body Now

Your Best Body Now

No matter your age, you can have the body of your dreams with this program.

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Tosca Reno strikes again with her newest book dealing with the Eat-Clean process – Your Best Body Now: Look and Feel Fabulous at Any Age the Eat-Clean Way. This book gives you the keys to achieving a younger and sexier physique. With this book you can get toned with an energy-boosting muscle makeover, look 10 years younger with beauty clock stoppers and blast belly fat with the included 30 recipes.

The book includes chapters that highlight health, fitness, diet, beauty and self-esteem. All of the eating plans and exercises are within a doable level for women that are approaching middle age. There are several success stories highlighted throughout the book to provide motivation for those following the program.

This book also gives an inside look at Tosca Reno and her journey to having her best body. As an author, Reno has used her techniques to make dramatic changes in her own life and you can do the same.

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    [3]: https://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/eat-clean-diet-for-family-and-kids/ "The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids

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  • Provides information on all aspects of health, not just diet
  • Includes info on diet and exercise
  • Written by well known author in diet and fitness industry
  • Continues with other books by the author in the Eat-Clean series
  • Includes doable workouts
  • Book includes over 30 recipes
  • Highlights health, fitness, diet, beauty and self-esteem
  • Gives detailed information on your workout
  • Get your best body with 35 minute workouts four to five days per week
  • Recipes are quick and easy to prepare
  • Highlights success stories throughout the book
  • Limited to a female audience

This book follows the same guidelines as the other books by Reno highlighting the Eat-Clean process. Eating clean consists of eating five to seven meals per day and eating from all food groups including carbs, protein and fats. It involves eating more fruits and vegetables and lean protein and eliminating processed foods.

Eating clean guarantees results and will get you the body you want. One of the top rules of the diet includes never skip meals, especially breakfast. You must also mix proteins and complex carbs at every meal. It’s important to avoid calorie-dense foods that don’t offer nutritional value and to eat more fruits and vegetables. As with many diets, drinking at least eight glasses per water each day and paying attention to your portion sizes are absolute musts. This book includes 30 recipes that can be used to follow the diet plan. The categories for the recipes in the book include soups and appetizers, breakfast, poultry, desserts, side dishes and condiments, meatless dishes and meat dishes. Some of the recipes included in the book are:

  • Green egg frittata
  • Oat pancakes and stewed fruit topping
  • Garlic soup
  • Mexican tomato chicken soup
  • Pot stickers in sauce
  • Mexican chipotle-marinated pork tenderloin
  • Fajita tostada
  • Spice up my salmon
  • Easy pad Thai
  • Perfect pasta
  • Simple spinach pesto
  • Gingerbread rice pudding

Exercise is an important part of Your Best Body Now. Tosca talks about her weight loss journey and how exercise helped her. She speaks first of how she started off doing just cardio exercise. She maintains that the treadmill will only get you so far. If you truly want the lean body with toned muscles and shapely curves, you must involve weights. She tells you what tools you will need if you want to work out at home versus at a gym. For every workout it is recommended you do five to ten minutes of warm up and cool down. With this book you are in control of your workout. Tosca does offer the following tips to help you structure your workout:

  • Workout three to four times per week at minimum
  • Perform three sets of twelve reps for weight lifting
  • Do your cardio early in the morning and on an empty stomach
  • Cardio sessions should be aimed at 35 minutes each at least three times per week
  • Challenge yourself to fatigue
  • Dedicate your entire focus to the sweat session
  • Workout two consecutive days with one day of rest between
  • Drink water before, during and after your workout
  • Stay dedicated to the plan

Your Best Body Now is the latest installment by Tosca Reno to help you perfect the Eat-Clean lifestyle. This book will be helpful and will offer you more information on changing your eating habits, workout habits and help you lose weight. This book is designed to help you get your best body no matter what your age.

With the eating and workout plan in this book, you will get the body you’ve wanted. It includes the tools you need to create a slim and well toned body. Those who have enjoyed Reno’s previous books will undoubtedly enjoy this one as well.

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The book does not include all ages. It stops at 59. There are no examples older than 59. 60, 70 ,80,90 are all lumped together with 50 even though 30 and 40 have their own chapters. 80 is alot different than 50. Okay book for middle agers, but your review is wrong - it does not include older people.

posted Dec 15th, 2010 7:16 pm


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