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Yoga for Stress Relief (with the Dalai Lama)

Yoga for Stress Relief (with the Dalai Lama)

Get your mind, body, and spirit in shape with the Dalai Lama.

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Yoga for Stress Relief (with the Dalai Lama) will bring you closer to the life you want to lead, cultivating happiness while decreasing stress and improving your mental outlook. Promoting a more positive frame of mind, while strengthening and toning the body, the DVD offers more than 20 distinct routines ranging from 15-60 minutes. Users can choose to view a single yoga workout or to string multiple workouts together, if time permits. The DVD also includes 30 minutes of meditative guidance from the Dalai Lama.

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  • Led by expert instructor Barbara Benagh, owner of Boston's Yoga Studio on Beacon Hill
  • While additional equipment is helpful (yoga mat, towel, pillows), it is not required
  • Can be performed at home
  • Beneficial and accessible to both beginner and more advanced levels
  • Some users may not be interested in the total mind/body approach of yoga
  • Some users may be bored by the slow pace of the workouts
  • Some users may find the moves too slow or simple
  • Some users may struggle with moves requiring more flexibility

Yoga for Stress Relief (with the Dalai Lama) is a fitness DVD and does not offer nutritional guidance.


Users can select from 20 yoga workouts, each varying in time, intensity, and focus. The DVD includes the following segments:

  • Discussion of Meditation - Dalai Lama
  • Interview with Barbara Benagh

Beginning and Ending Your Day - Begin Your Day Slowly (25 minutes) - Wake Up! (60 minutes) - Evening Revival (40 minutes) - Letting Go of the Day (40 minutes) - Insomnia Series (35 minutes)

Neck. Shoulder, and Back Issues - Easing Neck and Shoulder Tension, passive (20 minutes) - Easing Neck and Shoulder Tension, active (30 minutes) - Lower Back Tension (35 minutes) - Hip Pain (SI Joint) 25 minutes - Tension Headaches (45 minutes)

Easing Your Mind - Breathing Exercises to Calm the Mind (15 minutes) - Restorative Poses for Relaxation (15 minutes) - Deep Rest (20 minutes) - Mood Uplift (30 minutes) - Serenity in Stillness (35 minutes) - Anxiety Relief (50 minutes)

Stomach and Digestion Issues - Constipation (25 minutes) - Improve Digestion (30 minutes) - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (30 minutes) - Diarrhea and Indigestion (30 minutes


Yoga for Stress Relief (with the Dalai Lama) offers a variety of yoga workouts, ranging from 15-60 minutes. The workouts, led by expert instructor Barbara Benagh, are accessible to users of all levels, can be viewed independently or combined for a longer sequence. The DVD focuses strongly on achieving total mind-body wellness and improving the mental state. The video even includes a segment about achieving happiness from the Dalai Lama himself.

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This sounds like a GREAT place for me to start learning some yoga moves...slow and simple is good!

posted Sep 29th, 2011 1:40 pm


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