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Yoga for Small Spaces

Yoga for Small Spaces

Perform yoga poses in small spaces with this yoga deck.

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Being limited on space doesn’t mean you have to abandon your workouts. Those that might want to do yoga will certainly find Yoga for Small Spaces to be a helpful tool. Yoga for Small Spaces is a deck of yoga cards that allow you perform your yoga exercises anywhere. All of the provided exercises can be done sitting in a chair or while standing up. These moves remove the equipment barrier of exercise because there is no equipment or space needed. These cards can also serve as a way to get kids to direct their energy and calm down. These cards were created by Christine Ristuccia and Lynn Geddes. Ristuccia is a yoga instructor and pediatric speech pathologist. Geddes has 22 years of fitness training experience and has been practicing yoga for the past 11 years. Yoga for Small Spaces is not only for kids, but is useful for people of all ages. Yoga for Small Spaces makes yoga more accessible and easy due to the convenience of the cards. The instructions are clear and easy to follow while including a clear photo for visual reference. The cards are also color coded so that you know which poses can be used to support outcomes like creativity, tolerance and better communication. Even beginners can put together a very effective series of poses through the color organization of Yoga for Small Spaces.

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  • Breaks down several yoga poses with specific instructions and illustrations
  • Targeted at children as well as adults
  • Allows for yoga in spaces as small as an office or airplane
  • Includes 52 convenient yoga flash cards
  • No need to rearrange furniture
  • None to speak of

There is no diet or nutrition information included with the Yoga for Small Spaces cards.


Yoga for Small Spaces focuses on teaching you poses that can be done in a minimal amount of space. These poses can be done while you are sitting or standing. Through the different exercise, you can complete a nice series in five to 25 minutes. This product does feature drawings on each card to show you the proper form. All of the drawings feature children and the poses can be used to help children direct pent up energy. Adults and even senior citizens can use these cards as well. There are no rules and there is no space too small.


Yoga for Small Spaces is a great tool for those that want to fit in yoga while they are on the go. The cards are easy to follow and easy to understand. Whether you’re flying on a plane or working in your office, you can fit in some yoga poses to strengthen and calm your body.

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What a great idea, fitting in yoga while you're on the go! Talk about a time saver, and plus I bet you can do some of these exercises while you're working, LOVE the idea of Yoga flash cards!

posted Sep 29th, 2011 3:23 pm


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