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Stop yo-yo dieting and find Yodiet.

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If willpower stands in the way between you and your ideal weight, then what you may need is a 24/7 weight loss support team ready to keep you right on track when that carton of caramel pecan ice cream is screaming your name at 10 p.m.

Enter YoDiet, your own personalized team of weight loss motivators that will help you strengthen your willpower with their safety-net of support, encouragement and around-the-clock access.

Built on the notion that praise is powerful and positive reinforcement is essential for effective and long-lasting behavior change, YoDiet gives you seven daily phone calls in which you can access your own personal angel-on-your-shoulder whose job is to nudge you away from the cookie jar and instead point you towards the fruit bowl.

Here's how it works: You schedule calls from the YoCoaches for whenever junk-food or overeating urges usually kick in, then rest easy knowing you'll pay more attention to your internal cues to stop eating sooner and be able to report a success to your coach. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

There are three YoCoaches, each with their own creative and motivating styles to help you keep on track of your weight loss goals. Every time you call, you either press the number one for "I did a little better eating healthy and not overeating," or you press two for "I goofed up." From there, you'll receive the right diet support from one of the three weight loss coaches in order for you to keep on moving towards your weight loss goal. You also earn points for each time you press the number one. These points are tallied on your own personal account page on the YoDiet website.

There are two YoDiet plans to choose from: the Premium Subscription and the Basic Subscription. The Premium Subscription lasts 12 weeks and the Basic Subscription lasts 6 weeks. Subscribers to both will receive a daily Rhyme Thyme poem, a daily YoCoach email, and YoCoach calls. During the first few weeks of your subscription, you are allowed seven calls a day and then it drops to five calls a day and then again to three calls a day as you progress further along your weight loss journey.

You can sign up for Yo Diet online.

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  • Having a strong support system helps dieters stay on track of their goals
  • Checking in regularly with a weight loss coach encourages accountability and responsibility of lifestyle actions and behaviors
  • YoCoaches come from a varied and colorful background of healthy living
  • Encourages healthy eating and regular exercise
  • Constant reminders of health goals can strengthen the resolve to stick with them
  • Requirement of daily check-in's with weight loss coach may be too much of a time commitment for some
  • Does not provide dieter with an organized diet plan
  • No reward for accumulating points

While there is no specific diet or nutrition plan with the YoDiet, your YoCoaches strongly encourage you to eat healthier foods like veggies, fruits and lean proteins in place of higher calorie eats.

You start by scheduling up to seven coach calls a day, at times when you struggle to find willpower. YoCoaches call with pre-recorded messages and check on you. Have you snacked on healthy foods like peaches, plums, and a low-fat cheese stick instead of your usual cookies? if so, you press the number one. Or, did you have a run in with a bag of chips? Then, you press two.

Every time you press a number one, you earn a point which gets tallied on your account of the YoDiet website.

YoDiet celebrates your small food victories with you throughout the day while encouraging you to make smart and healthy food choices.


YoDiet does not provide you with a specific exercise plan to follow but it does reward you for exercising and moving more and on the YoDiet website, you can do different exercises by simply clicking on a YoExercise buttons scattered throughout the website. Many of the YoExercises just take a few minutes to do and can even be done at your own work desk.

The same point system applies for exercise as it does for diet: You earn a point for each time you do a YoExercise, and these points get tallied your personal account page on the YoDiet website.


YoDiet is a novel weight loss program that seeks to strengthen your willpower through daily phone calls from your own weight loss coach who encourages you to eat healthier, exercise more and envision yourself living out your health goal.

While the program does not offer a specific diet or exercise plan, its constant motivating feedback provides a foundation of positive reinforcements that make healthy living achievable and long-lasting.

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laura cunningham


Loved it! A big help when the munchies strike in the evenning. Sean's accent is way cool.

posted Nov 24th, 2009 9:41 am


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