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Utah's Live-In Fitness Camp

Utah's Live-In Fitness Camp

Take a vacation that could impact your health forever.

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Those looking for a change of environment to kick start their weight loss may be interested in Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp. This fitness camp allows you to spend a predetermined amount of time living on a weight loss oriented campus in Utah. You will learn how to lose weight and keep it off effectively. The methods are proven and everything you need is included in the package price. You can even bring small pets with you if you’d like. You will enjoy large private suites and highly certified personal trainers in a retreat setting. Some of the included features of Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp are personal accommodations, five to seven hours of daily exercise, weekend workouts and activities, delicious meals and snacks, and many others.

You can also count on solid results that will help you stay motivated after you return home and finish your weight loss journey. There are several success stories available documenting the journey that many have enjoyed while staying at Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp. A variety of fitness classes are used to help you see rapid weight loss results. There is a healthy grocery store component used to teach guests how to read nutrition labels and how to prepare healthy meals. There is currently a special running for the cost of a stay at Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp. If you take advantage of that sale your airfare is not included in the price. Under regular circumstances the below items are included:

  • Airfare and all travel
  • Private accommodations
  • Comprehensive testing
  • All daily meals and snacks
  • Nutritional education
  • Elite training staff
  • 5-7 hours of daily exercise
  • Monitored cardio workouts
  • Weight training technique instruction
  • Weekly massage therapy treatments
  • Walk/hike/run/snow shoeing daily or weekly
  • Financial aid and payment options
  • Year-round indoor/outdoor activities

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  • Allows you to live in a controlled environment for a period of time
  • All admissions include a private suite
  • Focuses on exercise and healthy eating
  • Financing available
  • Program is all inclusive no matter how long you choose to stay
  • Available from one week to eight week stay
  • Weight loss camps can be tax deductable
  • Receive discount when you come with a family member
  • Working out for 5-7 hours each day will be unrealistic once you return home
  • Controlled environment is not available when living away from the camp
  • Programs can be very costly
  • Camp prepares and provides all meals which will not be the case when you return home
  • Some may feel overwhelmed and unable to practice everything they learn

While at Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp, all of your meals are included in the program that you pay for. You will be taught how to decipher nutrition labels and prepare healthy low-fat and low calorie meals while at the camp. You will be eating throughout the day. Meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. If you have food allergies, simply let the staff know prior to your arrival and provisions will be made.


Exercise is a huge part of Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp. You will spend between five and seven hours working out each day. The program allows for lots of variety in your workouts though. You will cover everything from strength training to cardio and hiking. Below is a sample day of workouts. Each day you may add a different element to your workout but the amount of time you spend working out will help you get some great results.

  • Morning strength workout
  • Fat burning cardio workout
  • Outdoor fitness hiking
  • Muscle works
  • Kickboxing
  • Aqua attack
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Cardio theater circuit

Losing weight can be such an overwhelming process; you really need to make sure that you have the right tools before getting started. Utah’s Live-In Fitness Camp offers you a chance to get started and learn everything you need to know in a controlled environment. Although the program can be expensive, the cost is all inclusive and will give you a great start through lots of different workouts and proper nutrition training. If you can afford a stay at this fitness camp, you will find yourself pleased with the results.

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Alexa Hart


I have to say they have the most amazing trainers working at this facility. The resort accommodations are absolutely beautiful and the thing I enjoyed the most is it is very exclusive. So if you looking for personalized attention they know how to help each person reach there particular goals and the greatest thing for me was that I saw great results and in just 4 weeks I lost 18 pounds and my body fat % decreased 10% Wow! I am now leaner and stronger than when I was there.They changed my life Im sure they can change your's too.

posted Mar 22nd, 2012 1:52 am



I attended Utah Fitness Retreat earlier this year and would highly reccommend anyone to go to this fitness resort. They are unbelievably good with helping people get extremely fit. I lost so much weight while I was there and have lost even more weight since I have been home. These guys are good! definitely dont hesitate in your decision.

posted Mar 22nd, 2012 1:25 am

Angelica Perez., CA


I cant thank all of you enough. It has been a almost a full year now since I was last there. I am now a size 4. When I first came there I was a size 18. I have lost all my body fat and look super sexy, and the most exciting thing is that I feel so confident now. I am most excited about getting into my sexy swimsuit this summer! I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet and work with all of you in achieving my ultimate goal and that was to be healthy for the rest of my life and I owe it all to you guys for helping me through the tough days and keeping me so motivated to accomplish my weight loss.

I will be coming to Utah this summer to visit all of you, I can't wait to see you Eve, Austan and all the staff. ttyl

posted Mar 20th, 2012 3:00 pm

Jon S., TX


I needed to get serious about losing weight so I had searched online and talked with several camps in California, Florida and Utah. after I spoke with Austan at the Utah Fitness Retreat he helped make my decision much easier.

I attended the for 8 weeks and lost nearly 45 pounds in one month and lost a total of 72lbs in only 8 weeks. It was the most intense program incorporating daily boot camps, great food that I am now enjoying at home, and activities that kept me completely focused throughout my entire stay and best of all I was albe to see that I was burning thousands of calories every day yet still had tons of energy!

I would highly reccommend anyone searching for an adult weight loss camp or "fat camp" program to go to Utah Fitness Retreat these guys are good. I've worked with several trainers throughout my life and Austan and his team are some of the best trainers you in the country and they work very closely with you to help you succeed and lose a lot of weight and get serious about you health. I cant thank these guys enough for giving me my life back.

I am now training to compete in full marathon, going to the gym daily and attending spin classes and enjoying my cardio routines so much more than I ever have. Thank you guys!

posted Mar 20th, 2012 2:43 pm

Tammy Lowe (Mother of Megan Lowe)


First of all let me start by saying??.WOW!!! My daughter looks amazing! I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for what you have done for my daughter and our family. Megan is definitely not the same person that left us 3 months ago.

I didn??t not even recognize her when she got off the plane on Sunday. When I finally did see her, my eyes filled with tears and I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing she looks. She looks better than I ever thought she would.

It appears that your program has taught her so much. Megan is so fit and surprisingly very focused on her health which seems to now be her number one priority (that was one of the things we were hoping for). We are very excited about what she can teach us from all she has learned.

You can certainly see how much she has changed both mentally and physically. Your program was worth every penny, every tear and every drip of sweat!

We took a leap of faith and sent her to you with the hopes of getting our daughter back. Your program not only gave us our daughter back, it gave us a new and improved happier, healthier daughter.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of her but most of all thank you for giving us our daughter back!!!

posted Jan 17th, 2012 7:27 pm

Maria V.


I went from being an overweight kid to an overweight adult that was wearing a size 22 at the age of 43. After I had my baby boys who are now grown up and out of the house. I felt the necessary need to do something about my weight. I have done multiple low carb diets, detoxing diets, been put on prescription meds to over-the-counter products, to lap-band surgery, which did help me lose weight but I found myself struggling to lose more weight after I reached a certain point. So I spoke with my physician about attending a fat camp particularly Utah's Live In Fitness Camp because of what I had researched and talked with them about my particular goals I wanted to achieve. I decided to attend the retreat originally for 4 weeks with the intent that I might stay longer if it goes well. After the second week I had lost 13 pounds so I made the decision to extend my stay which I ended up staying for a total of 12 weeks. I am so glad I decided to attend this program. I am very happy with my results and will be forever friends with the entire team.

posted Jan 1st, 2012 5:34 am



After losing a 105 pounds in the 12 weeks I was there at Utah's Live In Fitness Retreat I have continued to lose weight and have lost another 74 pounds since I left. I am so grateful for the time and effort the team put in to helping me achieve my goals and supporting me through every step of the way. I still have about 30 more pounds to lose before I reach my desired weight but I could'nt be more pleased with how things have turned out for me. The staff and the whole experience was exactly what I needed. I would highly reccommend going, they know what they are doing and definitely know how to help people lose weight for good.

posted Jan 1st, 2012 4:05 am



"Thank you so much for the time that I spent with you all at Utah's Live In Fitness Retreat. In the 4 weeks I spent with you guys I am down 54 pounds and am in the best shape of my life and feel better than I ever have. Thank you so much!"

posted Dec 30th, 2011 2:48 am


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