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Universal Strength Apparatus

Universal Strength Apparatus

Take your suspension training to the next level with this device.

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The Universal Strength Apparatus or USA is a suspension bodyweight training system. The USA is different from other suspension products available because it can be climbed using your hands. This product allows you to change resistance without having to adjust the buckle and you can change exercises without having to stop. You can do dozens of different climbing exercises on the USA as well as isometric training. The USA has enough versatility to be used for training, rehab or any sport. There are a variety of DVDs available you can use and you can use the USA as a substitute for weight lifting. The USA is simple to install and holds up to 200 pounds. You can attach the USA to a door or bar and it comes with foot attachments for lower body workouts. Each USA set weighs less than five pounds and comes with a bag to carry it in. This will allow you to take the USA with you when your travel or you are away from home.

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  • Can be climbed with hands only
  • Comes with foot attachments
  • Allows for a total body workout
  • Includes multi level handles for immediate resistance change
  • Can be totally or partially suspended
  • Attaches to a door or bar
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Workout DVDs available
  • Not for those who are overweight
  • Focuses on strength and power versus overall weight loss
  • Targets athletes

There is no diet advice included with the USA. It is designed for those that want to engage in body weight training.


The USA is designed to build muscle and strength. This product uses your own body weight as resistance and is a suspension workout device. There are some DVDs available for a more structured workout if that is what you desire. The USA offers the ability to climb as well as change resistance without having to stop your workout. The USA comes with foot attachments to allow for lower body and mid section workouts as well. Exercises like mountain climber, crab curls and jack knives are available when using the foot attachments. Beginners can use the higher handles on the USA while the lower handles will add more intensity. Some of the workout DVDs available include:

  • Mass & Size Program
  • The BIG Strength Program
  • USA Mastering the Basics

The USA seems to offer a great suspension workout. That type of workout may not appeal to those who are just beginning to work out or that have a lot of weight to lose. The USA does offer the benefit of using your body weight as a resistance tool that will build muscle and give you strength and power. For those who are not familiar with using suspension workouts, the DVDs may be helpful for guidance. Unfortunately none of the DVDs come with the USA, so that would be an additional purchase. This can be a great product for those who are athletes and have a specific training regimen. This is not a product for those trying to reach their weight loss goals.

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where do you buy one or how do you order one?

posted Feb 3rd, 2013 10:17 am

June Pookie


An awesome easy to use equipment! And it DOES work for weight loss. Actually burns calories MUCH faster than a regular workout. Lost 10 lbs in 1 week. Highly recommend!

posted Jan 29th, 2011 10:59 pm


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