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The Z Diet

The Z Diet

A thorough plan to help you keep weight off after you've lost it.

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The Z Diet: Lose Weight, Keep It Off! is a diet book written by Dr. Warren Willey. This book captures what you need to know about diets in simple terms and helps you sift through the common sales nature of most diets and diet products. This book contains food basics and provides solutions that will help you monitor calories, shop for foods properly and decipher nutrition labels. The Z Diet also encourages you to discuss things with your doctor so that you can understand long term methods for keeping your weight off. This book focuses more on keeping weight off than the process of losing the weight. Anyone that has lost weight and wants to maintain that weight loss will find helpful information in this book.

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  • Discusses why short term weight loss doesn’t work
  • Written by a medical doctor
  • Encourages involving your doctor in your goals to keep weight off
  • Teaches you how to control calories
  • Educates on reading nutrition labels
  • Includes great tips on keeping weight off
  • Offers solutions to real life obstacles
  • None to speak of

Dr. Willey’s view is that all diets work if they are done properly. The real problem is keeping the weight off after going off the diet. Some of the keys to weight loss maintenance are what this book specializes in. You have to understand your starting point and how calories work. The Z Diet offers a breakdown of various diets along with a short list of positives and negatives for each. There is advice offered on surviving special occasions and parties when it comes to food. Reading nutrition labels will help you monitor what you’re eating and keep those excess pounds from coming back. Some of the tips you will see related to eating when it comes to special events include:

  • Eat a lower carbohydrate diet in the days preceding and following the event
  • Stay away from the scale
  • Don’t ignore temptation, just be wise about your amounts
  • Make better bad choices
  • Bring your own food if you are really concerned
  • If there’s cake, enjoy one piece and not five

Some of the other things you will notice in the way of keeping the weight off are the below tips:

  • Eat your biggest meal in the morning and smallest in the evening
  • Eat smaller more frequent meals
  • Eat the majority of your carbs early
  • Don’t eat before bed
  • Use scheduled breaks from your program

There are some very important things to remember where exercise is concerned in conjunction with weight loss maintenance. Many people set up a good workout schedule while they are trying to lose weight and then stop completely or fade from exercising after they’ve reached their goals. Continuing to exercise can be a major factor in maintaining your weight loss. Some of the tips offered in this area are:

  • Exercise during the holidays
  • Don’t think you will make up later for missed workouts
  • Train harder during the holidays
  • Train really hard the days immediately before and after a special event or party

Many diets offer a great deal of information about how to properly execute their diet. When it comes to maintaining your weight loss, most programs fall short. The Z Diet offers you everything you need to keep weight off for a lifetime. This book is all about weight loss maintenance and is a great resource to be used once you’ve reached your weight loss goals.

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