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The MELT Method

The MELT Method

Sue Hitzmann's guidance for the myofascial self-treatment of pain.

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Author Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT, is a manual therapist. Her book focuses on years of her research and training that have led to the pain relief method she calls MELT, Myofascial Energetic Lengthening Technique. The method focuses on the body’s connective tissues versus many common therapies that have focused on muscle strengthening and flexibility. Hitzmann teaches readers how to self heal with her method. Many have sought the MELT method to heal ailments such as joint pain, TMJ, organ issues, migraines, incontinence, and other issues that Hitzmann says are often undertreated and overmedicated.

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  • A technique users can do themselves, no therapist needed
  • Virtually risk-free as there is no medication
  • Intended to improve flexibility, range of motion, and digestion
  • Intended to reduce pain, tension, headaches, and signs of aging
  • Does not require a gym membership
  • A self-care method, leaving room for operator error
  • Will not replace a professional in many situations
  • Needs more scientific support for benefits of longevity and better sleep

The MELT Method does not endorse a diet plan.


The MELT Method treatments can be performed with a set of balls and foam rollers, which are available through the company’s website, along with instructional DVDs too. The balls and rollers are used in a series of techniques along the body to get blood flowing and as Hitzmann claims, “quickly rehydrate connective tissue.” The movements are gentle and not expected to be uncomfortable to the user.


The MELT Method may be a great option for someone who is in pain and would like to try an alternative therapy before going the traditional route. There is science to the idea of getting blood flow to the body for the purpose of stimulating healing. The process has valid points for many of it’s claims, as many experts have agreed that flexibility and released tension can be gained from this types of processes. All in all, the MELT Method may a good read for many people who may simply need a lower priced option for relieving the pain of several conditions.

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