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The Little Book of Diet Help

The Little Book of Diet Help

Diet tips that will work with any weight loss program.

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The Little Book of Diet Help, by Kimberly Willis, is a book that shows you how to lose weight without losing your mind. Willis is a weight loss specialist, life coach and hypnotherapist. As we all know, trying to lose weight can be a difficult task that’s also intimidating. This book shows you why you may be struggling to lose those extra pounds.

One of the first things addressed in The Little Book of Diet Help is that diets don’t last. Because of the constant focus on what you are not allowed to eat, your mind is completely focused on those off-limit foods. This book will teach you things like how to recognize bad eating habits and create new ones, why certain foods affect your body and mood, how tapping and hypnosis can fight cravings, and how to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. All it takes are some small changes and the pounds lost can really start adding up.

The Little Book of Diet Help has the sole purpose of offering you a little help on your weight loss journey without making you miserable in the process. Everything from exercise to emotional eating is covered thoroughly.

The Little Book of Diet Help takes the stance that you already know what changes you need to make to lose weight. Instead of flooding you with basic weight loss information, it helps you take control and have some success at losing the weight. Some of the goals this book will help you reach include:

  • Feel positive about yourself, your body and how you look
  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Stop eating when you are no longer hungry
  • Free yourself from cravings
  • Feel motivated to exercise more
  • Lose weight easily and naturally

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  • Offers help to those wanting to lose weight
  • Includes techniques on keeping cravings away
  • Written by a weight loss specialist
  • Covers dieting and exercise
  • Helps take some of the guess work out of dieting
  • Emphasizes that calories matter
  • None to speak of

One of the first things you do when applying the strategies in The Little Book of Diet Help is examine your personal set of food rules. Your food rules are defined as patterns and habits that your mind has programmed in and that you perform automatically. Some examples might include:

  • I always have a muffin with a cup of coffee.
  • I always have pizza on a Friday night.
  • I always eat everything on my plate.

You are encouraged to take a hard look at these food rules because they might be keeping you stuck at your current weight. To break these habits, write them down so that you can change them to something healthier. There is no precise meal plan with The Little Book of Diet Help because it is used to help you with whatever diet you may be currently using.


You are encouraged to exercise to burn extra calories and reach your weight goals. Exercising is also important to help you boost your metabolism. That will allow you to continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped exercising. One other advantage to exercise as pointed out in the book is that exercise makes your brain happy. You release endorphins while exercising, which make you feel good. Lastly, exercise will help you get into shape. You can help prevent harmful diseases like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. There are some helpful tips and tools to help change your mind about exercise if you have negative feelings toward it. Completing these tips regularly will help you replace negative exercise associations with positive ones.


The Little Book of Diet Help is a combination of great tips, hypnosis techniques and helpful hints to help you successfully lose weight. The information in this book highlights things that happen to so many people while trying to lose weight, but they may be things that you don’t readily think about. Now you can attack your diet with success by making just a few simple changes from The Little Book of Diet Help.

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