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The Light Weigh Diet

The Light Weigh Diet

Use prayer and bible study to help you lose weight.

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The Light Weigh Diet is one that focuses on the Catholic faith and using the bible for weight loss purposes. The program is very popular and was founded by Suzanne Fowler. Those that are obese can find the answer to their struggles with this bible based program. Participants attend group sessions for emotional support while trying to lose weight. There are numerous success stories from people who have lost well over 100 pounds on this program.

You get to eat foods you love while on the Light Weigh Diet and lose weight at a safe rate of one to one and a half pounds per week. The diet consists of a 12 week video series, bible study and prayer. The diet teaches you to eat the foods you love, but in moderation. The series can be done in your home or church and is more effective when done in small groups. The program will teach you to attain peace with food. This diet shows you that the main reason people overeat is due to emotions such as stress, worry, boredom, relaxation, nervousness, anger, sadness and loneliness.

The Light Weigh Diet teaches that instead of eating to fulfill those emotions, that void should be filled with seeking God. The meetings that you attend with this program are an hour and a half each week for 12 weeks. The first 30 minutes of each meeting is to discuss the weekly bible study and the remainder of the time is spent watching the video. With the program you receive workbooks, the audio series and a spiritual growth kit for each attending member.

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  • Helps those of the Catholic faith incorporate religion and weight loss
  • 12 week program with only one meeting commitment each week
  • Includes bible study
  • Deals with the emotional eating issues
  • Allows you to eat your favorite foods but in moderation
  • You don’t have to avoid eating certain foods or deprive yourself
  • Teaches to seek God to fulfill emotional issues
  • Cost per person is very reasonable when spread out over 12 weeks
  • Everything you need is included
  • Success stories available
  • Must be involved in program to learn the details

The Light Weigh diet shows you how to eat the foods you love within moderation. You will learn how to stop emotional eating and lose weight as a result. You watch the videos and discuss the bible studies in a group setting to help your chances of success. Gaining peace with your food is a very important aspect of the diet. Ordinary dieting does not offer that peace, but the Light Weigh does because it teaches you to fill the emptiness with God. Some of the nutritional tips given include leaving a little food on your plate, sitting down with your family to eat and actually enjoying and tasting your food.


All participants in the program receive a workbook that has the recommended nutrition tips along with exercise recommendations. Incorporating some light exercise is a great way to accelerate your results and take care of your body. Activities like walking, jogging, bike riding and jumping rope will go a long way in helping you reach your weight loss goals.


As far as faith based diets, the Light Weigh seems to be very solid. Although the program is based on the Roman Catholic faith, you don’t have to be Catholic to utilize the series. You can finally resolve your emotional issues with food and replace the void you’ve been trying to fill. Many people have had very successful results with this program. No matter what amount of weight you want to lose, this program can help you grow your faith and reach that goal.

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April L.

Weight loss is a very complex issue. In reality, weight loss means something to almost everyone I have met. What I like about Light Weigh and Light Weigh One King is that you focus on YOUR JOURNEY. Weight loss really is lifestyle adjustments, and it is tough to change your way of thinking. I use the Light Weigh model in conjunction with weight loss surgery, and it has worked (and still works) awesome. Yes, it has drawbacks, such as not being able to see what is going on until you buy the package. It's a bit pricey, particularly if you are a Canadian and the US/CAN exchange is bad on the CAN side. Once you start in on the program, the materials are yours. By the way, I am NOT catholic, and I still enjoy it!!!

posted Sep 11th, 2017 3:58 pm

Sue Joan


This diet does not stress healthy food choices nor exercise and the people who own it get nasty if you say anything negative about it. You are allowed about a fistful of any food you want (what fits into a coffee mug). You might lose weight but are you learning healthy eating habits? As I understand, the recidivism percentage is rather large i.e. they do not provide a doable maintenance program.

posted Oct 3rd, 2014 8:16 pm


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