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The Juicing Bible Second Edition

The Juicing Bible Second Edition

Juice your way to a healthier body.

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The second edition of The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker offers a total of 350 juicing recipes for anyone who wants to explore the nutritional and health benefits of juicing. Pat Crocker has written books and lectured about herbs and health issues for over 25 years. The first edition of this book won the 2000 International Cookbook Revue Award. This book gives you raw fresh juices, blending drinks and homemade frozen treats recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious. Juicing is a great way to get in your five servings of fresh vegetables and three servings of fresh fruit each day. Similar to her book The Smoothies Bible, The Juicing Bible offers information on seven major body systems including their importance to your health, details on 80 common health concerns and plenty of illustrations and color photographs for inspiration.

The book starts out with an introduction that describes the benefits of juicing, benefits of pulping and gives some things to look for when looking for a juicing or pulping machine. There are some general guidelines to good health, eating well and healthy bodies that offer some great advice. This book includes an illustrated section that gives some useful information on various fruits, herbs, vegetables and other ingredients.

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  • Includes 350 recipes
  • Juicing and smoothie recipes included
  • Offers an overview of several health conditions and offers juicing recipes to help manage them
  • Info offered on various fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • A great way to get your daily fruit and vegetables
  • Many vegetable juices include fruit
  • Lots of recipes that focus on certain aspects of health
  • None to speak of

The Juicing Bible is all about guiding you through juicing whether it be for health benefits or because you desire a fast way to get your fruits and vegetables each day. Juicing allows you to drink your fruits and vegetables instead of having to sit and chew them all. There are juicing recipes designed specifically for health including the following categories:

  • Heart-Healthy Tonics
  • Bitters
  • Endocrine Elixirs
  • Muscle Powers
  • Nerve Nourishers
  • Stress Busters

Several of the juicing recipes incorporate both fruits and vegetables together which is a great way to keep vegetable juices from becoming too bitter. Most of the juices require produce that you can find at your local grocery store and the health benefits are endless. The Juicing Bible also includes some smoothie and frozen treat recipes. For those dealing with common health issues or diseases, there is a section that shows you what juice recipes might be most helpful for managing those problems through nutrition. Being healthy is the main focus of The Juicing Bible so you can definitely use juicing along with a healthy diet to improve your health. Some of the delicious juicing recipes you will find in this book are listed below:

  • Apple Beet Pear
  • C-Blend
  • Lemon Aid
  • Green Goddess
  • Tart and Tingly
  • Liquid Salsa
  • Peppers Please
  • Red Devil
  • Soft Salad
  • Zippy Tomato

The Juicing Bible is a book about juicing so there is no outlined exercise plan within the book. There is a tidbit of information for those that are overweight and looking to use juicing to help aid in weight loss. The book recommends that you exercise daily according to your fitness level. There is also a section at the beginning of the book that calls out guidelines to good health. It suggests that moderate daily activity can lower cancer risk, boost the immune system, help prevent obesity, decrease estrogen and insulin growth factor and improve overall health and emotional well-being.


The Juicing Bible can be a great resource for those that want to get into juicing whole fruits and vegetables. This book provides an astonishing 350 recipes so you can surely find some that interest you. Juicing is becoming more and more popular and can be done quickly for those that may think they are too busy to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily. The recipes within The Juicing Bible can be a great way to get your daily five servings of fresh vegetables and three servings of fresh fruit.

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what is the difference between ; THE JUICING BIBLE and THE SMOOTHIES BIBLE. Which is a better book to have.

posted Jul 3rd, 2012 11:32 am


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