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The Hot Tub Diet

The Hot Tub Diet

Reflect on your weight loss mentality with this book.

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  • Established: 2012
  • Author: Bridget Praytor
  • Accessibility: eBook
  • Diet Type: Healthy foods, whole foods
  • Gender: Male, female

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The Hot Tub Diet is a new eBook written by Bridget Praytor that shows you how get out of the gym, into the hot tub and on the path to weight loss. This book is great for those that have tried and been on every diet imaginable and are still trying to lose weight. Whether you’ve done grueling exercise and want to finally feel confident and have the body you love, this book is for you. This book encourages you to go about losing weight the right way by changing your mind and attitude towards your body first.

The author speaks candidly about how a car accident kept her from being able to exercise. Confined to the gym’s hot tub for six months, she talked with several people that were dissatisfied with their bodies. It was in talking to those people that she realized how her attitude toward her own body was affecting her ability to lose weight. The writing style of The Hot Tub Diet is fun and easy to read while offering simple advice that can help you lose weight easily. The title might lead you to believe you’ll be using a hot tub to lose weight, but that isn’t the case. The hot tub part is simply about reflecting on your previous hiccups in dieting and figuring out the best way to move forward toward successful weight loss.

  • Addresses mental aspects of weight loss
  • Written in a funny and entertaining tone
  • Tells a personal story that readers can relate to
  • Offers the simple tips for those that want to lose weight
  • Book offers tips rather than telling you what to do eat and how to exercise
  • Shows how importance of having the right mindset for weight loss
  • None to speak of

Your mindset is the main focus of The Hot Tub Diet. The author takes you through her own experience of dieting and exercising while not getting her desired results. Simply changing the way you think and removing the negative perception about your weight and body helps the weight come off. Author Bridget Praytor shares that once she learned to focus on the happy moments in her life and stop looking at herself in a state of discontent, everything changed. She does also offer advice on the importance of eating a healthy diet. Once you’ve changed your mindset you can also start seeing what you may be eating that could be stalling your progress.

You should eat foods like lean meats and protein, whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Prior to losing weight, Praytor worked out relentlessly at the gym, sometimes for a couple of hours each day. But she was also eating processed foods, drinking a lot of diet soda and stopping at the drive-thru way too often. The author makes the statement that all healthy foods are super foods. She recommends that you do your own research on nutrition to determine what is healthy, rather than trusting the latest ad for some miracle super food or diet. As part of The Hot Tub Diet mentality, the author advises you to order from the kids’ menu at restaurants because those portion sizes are on part with what an adult actually needs.


The Hot Tub Diet has a solid message of exercising by doing something you enjoy. The author shares how she spent so much time at the gym on a treadmill for hours at a time without getting results. She also talks about how she decided to do an Iron Man race so that she would be forced to train hard to lose weight. Meanwhile she never saw the results she wanted. This book encourages you to do exercises that you love and will be happy doing consistently.


The Hot Tub Diet is not a diet about sitting in the hot tub to miraculously lose weight. It is about one woman’s revelations while she was in the hot tub and how that led to a complete change in mentality about diet, exercise and her weight. This book is well written and filled with humorous stories that any dieter can relate to. The advice on eating healthy and finding exercise you enjoy is solid for anyone wanting to lose weight.

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