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The End of Overeating

The End of Overeating

Change how you eat forever with this compelling read.

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Dr. David Kessler, the former commissioner for the FDA, explains why it is so difficult to resist certain foods and why it is so easy to overindulge in his book The End of Overeating.

After meeting with top researchers, medical professionals and food industry experts, Dr. Kessler discusses how our insatiable appetite is due to not just our brain chemistry but to the additives, ingredients and processing of packaged foods. From dissecting the way in which an order of Chili's Southwestern Eggrolls are created to examining how children's appetites and portion sizes have markedly changed in the past 15 years, The End of Overeating provides a clear and compelling insight into the causes of the ever-expanding American waistline.

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  • Provides an eye-opening look at the American diet
  • Can serve as motivation to alter the way we eat
  • Provides a reason for why we are faced with the global threat of obesity
  • Provides valuable evidence that our insatiable appetite is not just due to a lack of willpower
  • Creates greater awareness around how the food industry affects our eating behaviors
  • Does not elucidate a clear diet plan

The End of Overeating does not provide a specific diet plan to follow. Rather what it does do is create awareness and knowledge about how the foods we choose to eat are made, why we choose them and why we continue to eat them, even after we are full.

In looking at most processed foods, including restaurant and fast-food dishes, with a team of health, food and medical experts, he shows that most of these foods are comprised of three nutrients: Fat, sugar and salt. These three ingredients are contained in foods that he coins as stimulating and hyper-palatable which end up strengthening the neuro-circuitry in our brain prompting us to eat more of the same food.

The End of Overeating encourages you to question how your food was made. Is it layered and loaded with other foods and ingredients or is it real food? Dr. Kessler points out that there is little harm in eating a simple hamburger, but where it becomes troublesome is when it's layered with cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, and other processed ingredients.

In order to truly end overeating, Dr. Kessler puts forth a simple plan that helps you learn which cues manage overeating and how to control such impulses that lead to overindulgence. At the core of his plan is persistence of making conscious choices about our eating behaviors.


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The End of Overeating is a thought-provoking, and at times disturbing, book which describes the causes of conditioned hypereating, a learned behavior that millions of Americans, including children, enact everyday. The end result is a nationwide and near global threat of being overweight and obese.

If you are looking for a highly informative and engaging look at how the food industry and our brains are working together to create a public health crisis, then look no further than The End of Overeating.

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