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The Cigar Diet

The Cigar Diet

This program advocates smoking cigars to avoid binge eating.

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  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Wilson Casey
  • Accessibility: eBook
  • Diet Type: Low-fat, low-calorie, cigar smoking
  • Gender: Male

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Author and trivia aficionado Wilson Casey has written an eBook chronicling the things he has done to lose 50 pounds in six months. His book titled The Cigar Diet? How I lost 50 Pounds w/o the “D” Word! encourages smoking cigars to avoid food bingeing. Wilson writes a daily trivia column that appears in several newspapers and holds the record for the longest running radio trivia broadcast at 30 hours. Although the title of his book promotes cigar smoking and no dieting, most of the principles within it are pretty standard. Of course the recommendation of smoking cigars to thwart binge eating is highly controversial and not at all good for you. However, a majority of the book focuses on other things you need to do to get healthy and lose weight. There is no specific eating plan laid out since this book promotes not going on a diet. Most of the tips given are simply general suggestions.

  • Offers some solid suggestions for eating in a healthy way
  • Following the eating and journaling advice will most likely result in weight loss
  • Encourages burning more calories than you take in
  • Encourages eating every three to four hours
  • Program did get results for the author
  • First 30 days require making very few changes
  • Program encourages smoking cigars which can be unhealthy
  • Targeted at men only
  • Same eating advice available in numerous other places for free

Although The Cigar Diet? How I lost 50 Pounds w/o the “D” Word! claims it is not a diet, the food recommendations given in the book show otherwise. There is no formal diet plan, but you are advised on the proper way to eat in order to lose weight and be healthy. One of the first things you are encouraged to do aside from smoking a cigar each time you feel the need to binge is to eat when you’re not hungry. This means you eat small meals every three to four hours. This is credited with boosting your metabolism throughout the day. Another recommendation is to write down everything you put in your mouth, including the cigars. Wilson offers that knowing you have to write everything down will help you think twice about eating unhealthy or greasy foods. For those that might not be excited about journaling and writing everything down, you are encouraged to ramp up to this point by having a 30 day tune-up. This is done by trying to cut 500 calories each day from the foods you normally eat. Once you’ve moved beyond the first 30 days, you start journaling.

Some other tips offered in the book related to your eating are offered. These are the things that Wilson did, so they are not mandated. Those things include:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Eliminate soft drinks including diet
  • Eliminate mayonnaise
  • Use zero calorie spray butters
  • Use pepper in place of salt
  • Skip the buffets all tougher
  • Stay ahead of hunger by eating every three to four hours
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day

Exercise is not really addressed in The Cigar Diet? How I lost 50 Pounds w/o the “D” Word!. The author does mention that he is exercising more due to his increased energy, but he doesn’t offer any specific guidance.


The Cigar Diet? How I lost 50 Pounds w/o the “D” Word! offers a way to lose weight that promotes smoking cigars to avoid binge eating. While that is part of the program, there is some solid advice involved in this eBook when it comes to eating. The food advice is not original and there are other programs that give more detail. With the exception of the idea to smoke cigars to stave off binge eating, there is really nothing new to gain from this book.

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C Hollar

Wilson Casey's "Cigar Diet" cuts to the chase. I like that. Obviously it does work though not really good for you, but then again- Isn't losing weight always good? I super-like his plan regarding the first 30 days, to develop and to get into one's "zone".

posted Oct 7th, 2011 8:10 am

Pam L

Worked for him, so why not me? I'll try it as everything else has failed. Seems he has a non nonsensense approach that worked. And at only $.99, well, what have I ot to lose, except ......... I noticed, too, he'a pretty prolific author with a bunch of other titles out there.

posted Oct 4th, 2011 4:12 pm


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