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The Best Things You Can Eat

The Best Things You Can Eat

David Grotto's Book for Everything from Aches to Zzzzz

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David Grotto, author of two bestselling diet and nutrition books, said: “Dieticians (like me) and medical experts are constantly bombarding us with lists of important foods, from the best sources of fiber to the best foods to eat before a workout. Keeping all of these lists clear in your head requires a spreadsheet.”

Grotto, a registered dietician, wrote The Best Things You Can Eat to eliminate the need for a spreadsheet by organizing types of foods into 60 food lists containing the best foods for everything – from aches and pains to insomnia.

The author compiled his food lists by using the latest nutritional and scientific research as well as by comparing foods one-on-one to determine which provides the most of a nutrients and which are best for indigestion.

Grotto also used the United State Department of Agriculture’s recommended foods for consumption but found the USDA’s lists to be lacking. For example, topping the USDA’s food list for potassium was a cup of tomato paste followed by 3/4 cup of frozen orange juice concentration – neither of which are foods people eat alone to get their recommended daily allowance of potassium.

Manmade and fortified/enriched foods also made the USDA’s food lists, which Grotto did not incorporate into his 60 categories. Instead, the author lists only unfortified/non-enriched foods laid out in realistic serving sizes and using forms of preparation for the 21st century (because no one eats raw liver).

Each food list in The Best Things You Can Eat contains: - The types of foods included in the category - The most common servings sizes for the foods on the list - Nutrients in each food and why those nutrients are important - How much of each food should be consumed and when too much is consumed - Whether or not a dietary supplement is available to replace the food - Basic information and facts about the foods on the list

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  • The book provides basic nutrition knowledge of vitamins and minerals
  • List categories range from every form of vitamin B to the best pre- and post-workout foods
  • List categories are indexed for easy reference
  • The book includes a reference table for the abbreviations used, such as DV (daily value)
  • Information about nutrition provides individuals with knowledge to choose the correct food
  • Author is a paid spokesperson for several commodities and brands
  • The book only focuses on nutrition, not diet
  • Meal planning advice, menus and recipes are not included
  • Exercise information and workout routines are not included
  • The book is not a good reference for individuals who want to lose weight on a program

The Best Things You Can Eat is organized into three main sections: - Vital Nutrients, which contains vitamins, minerals, fats and fibers, among other nutrients - Best Foods for Whatever Ails You, which lists food for digestion and heart health as well as other disorders and illnesses - Best in Show, which contains the food superstars for health and wellness, such as the best foods for memory

The Best Things You Can Eat focuses on nutrition more than it focuses on diet. Individuals who hoped to follow a diet and nutrition program will not find meal planning, menus or recipes in The Best Things You Can Eat. However, individuals will be armed with basic nutrition knowledge, including recommended daily allowances of all vitamins and minerals and what foods or supplements to consumer to get those vitamins and minerals


The book does not include information or recommendations for exercise.


The Best Things You Can Eat will arm individuals with the basic nutrition knowledge needed for them to recognize what and how to nourish their bodies. However, the book will not provide individuals with instructions or a program to follow to plan and prepare meals surrounding the vital vitamins and minerals listed. Instead, the book shares only information about nutrition. Diet and fitness are not a part of the book so individuals hoping to find and follow a program will not benefit from The Best Things You Can Eat.

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