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The Belly Fat Diet

The Belly Fat Diet

Lose your belly fat as well as any excess weight.

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The Belly Fat Diet is a new book written by John Chatham that shows you how to lose your belly, shed excess weight and improve your health. This book explores some of the myths that are out there and speaks to the fact that having achieving a flat stomach is not only healthy, but also a lifestyle transforming project. This book is based on solid scientific research and can help anyone that wants to gain that coveted flat stomach that many think is unattainable. Excess belly fat has been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses, but this book can show you how to reduce it without spending all day doing crunches and starving yourself.

The Belly Fat Diet walks you through the important steps of eating right and getting proper exercise so that you can reduce your overall weight and belly fat. The program within The Belly Fat Diet focuses on reducing your intake of processed carbohydrates and sugar. The best part of this book is that it includes a plan that can be followed beyond reaching your goals, to keep you in the best health possible.

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  • Includes guidance on healthy eating and exercise
  • Helps reduce belly fat which can be dangerous to overall health
  • Program offers easy to follow principles that can be maintained long term
  • Includes meal plans and grocery lists
  • Does not require going hungry or countless sit-ups
  • Based on scientific research
  • None to speak of

The Belly Fat Diet includes full meal plans and advice on what foods can best help reduce harmful belly fat. The eating structure on this program works to reduce the amount of processed carbohydrates that you eat and eliminate sugar. There are shopping lists included with the meal plans to make things easy to follow. Along with the recommended foods that will help you eliminate belly fat, there is a chapter on what types of supplements to take. You will not be counting calories, carbohydrates or fat grams. One reason is because the eating plan in The Belly Fat Diet does not rely on cutting calories to lose belly fat. Another reason is that the foods on the recommended list provide plenty of nutrition and satisfaction without empty calories. Some other things you can count on with this program are that you won’t have to weigh your measure your food and you won’t feel hungry on a constant basis.

Some of the foods you will be eating include plenty of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil and whole grains. Processed carbohydrates like white bread, cake, white rice and sugar are to be avoided. There are recipes included in the book to help you keep things fresh and offer variety.


One of the first things you do on The Belly Fat Diet is measure your risk for potential health problems through measuring your waist. A measurement of more than half your height in inches indicates a high risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Once you determine your risk you can get started with the exercises and recommended food choices. This program has manageable workouts that you can do that will be effective, but don’t require a lot of time. Basically you will be cutting down on the amount of cardio you might expect and incorporate some strength training.


The Belly Fat Diet offers a quick and to the point approach to weight loss that will get you a flat belly and overall healthy body. The diet doesn't focus on counting calories, but instead focuses on eating quality foods throughout the day. Eliminating processed and refined carbohydrates is also a big part of the plan and you will see results quickly. The Belly Fat Diet offers a lifestyle plan that can be maintained for a lifetime and get you the flat belly and good health you've always wanted.

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