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Slim XS

Slim XS

A raspberry ketone supplement that claims to aid in weight loss.

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Slim XS is a weight loss supplement featuring raspberry ketones which were recently touted by Dr. Oz as a weight loss breakthrough. Slim XS is available online and anytime you make a purchase through the web site, you are enrolled into an automatic shipment program. This means the supplements will be sent automatically and you will be charged each month when those shipments are made. This supplement claims to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue and increase energy. The supplements are made with all natural ingredients and each capsule packs a total of 300 mg of raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone is said to be an organic compound known for helping in weight management. There are studies mentioned on the web site showing that raspberry ketone supplements boost energy and burn fat due to an increase in metabolism but specific info on those studies is not given.

Do You Know the Best Diet Pills of 2018?

  • Reasonably priced
  • Natural ingredients
  • Includes other ingredients known to aid in weight loss
  • No exercise or diet advice offered
  • Clinical studies are mentioned but no details given
  • No proof that these supplements are effective
  • Any purchase leads to enrollment in auto-ship program
  • Encourages taking pills for weight loss
  • Raspberry ketone
  • African mango extract
  • Acai fruit
  • Green tea extract
  • Resveratrol
  • Grapefruit powder
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Kelp
  • Caffeine

Instructions on taking this supplement are included with your purchase.


Slim XS does not include any recommendations for diet or exercise.


Slim XS is not very different than many other weight loss supplements on the market. There are a lot of claims made on the web site but no clinical evidence is offered as proof. Beware of supplements that make promises of fat burning without any proof and no indication of needing diet or exercise.

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  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Slim XS
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Kathy W

I started using a raspberry ketone product. With Raspberry Ultra Drops, I lost more than 8 lbs after three weeks of use. I haven't experienced any side effects and my metabolism also increased. It also helps me feel active every day.

posted Nov 30th, 2012 12:23 am


Raspberry Ultra Drops also works for me too. This is a diet supplement that enabled me to drop 7 pounds in three weeks. With the help of this liquid-based solution, I was able to get rid of my bulging tummy and I can wear my old jeans and shirts with more confidence. Definitely, having a low-calorie diet also played a role in my weight-loss efforts.

posted Nov 29th, 2012 12:36 am


I'm also a user of Raspberry Ultra Drops and with this product, I was able to lose 10 lbs after a month. I learned about this product from a friend of mine who was able to lose a hefty amount of weight because of her healthy lifestyle and of course, her consumption of this effective diet supplement. So far, I'm glad with the results I'm getting from this product.

posted Nov 29th, 2012 12:31 am

zane stonewash

Before, I was hesitant to use Raspberry Ultra Drops because I was having doubts about its health benefits and the possible side effects it might cause me. But I was wrong. This diet drops enabled me to shed 7 lbs in four weeks and helped boost my metabolism. Apart from raspberry ketones, Raspberry Ultra Drops is a rich source of stress-fighting antioxidants.

posted Nov 27th, 2012 12:38 am


I've been a Raspberry Ultra Drops user for sometime now and I can attest that this diet supplement works for me. Apart from helping my body burn fats, I also feel energetic and am less likely to feel sick, which can be associated with the presence of natural ingredients that are a good source of antioxidants.

posted Nov 26th, 2012 11:47 pm


A friend who is on Raspberry Ultra Drops diet suggested that I should use this liquid-based product to help me lose weight. At first, I was hesitant but after my friend assured me that it’s safe to use, I ordered online. When I started taking this diet drops, I noticed that I don’t feel hungry easily and my metabolism increased. After two weeks, I learned that I lost 5 pounds. Now, I don’t forget to order online. I always keep a stock of Raspberry Ultra Drops at home.

posted Nov 26th, 2012 1:19 am


For me, raspberry ketones are effective components of Raspberry Ultra Drops that really help the body burn fats and fight diseases caused by stress. I feel alert whenever I take it. However, having a healthy lifestyle should also be taken into consideration in order to have a healthy body.

posted Nov 26th, 2012 12:29 am

diana d

I like dressing up during special occasions but I don't have a lot of confidence wearing flattering clothes because of my figure. A month ago, I started taking Raspberry Ultra Drops. Now, I already got rid of 12 pounds. With this achievement, I can start wearing sexy outfits at parties especially this holidays season.

posted Nov 26th, 2012 12:05 am


Two months ago, I began taking Raspberry Ultra Drops. With this product, I dropped 5 pounds in two weeks without experiencing any headaches or side effects. Apart from using this product, I also follow a strict diet and go to the gym on a regular basis.

posted Nov 23rd, 2012 12:07 am


Now, I feel more confident about myself and that's because of my discipline and with the help also of Raspberry Ultra Drops. With proper diet, exercise and Raspberry Ultra Drops, I was able to get rid of 10 lbs after three weeks. I'm also less likely to get sick or feel tired easily.

posted Nov 21st, 2012 12:45 am


I believe in the role of self-discipline in achieving the desired weight and figure. This entails someone to comply with regular visits to the gym and a healthy diet. Apart from these tasks, I believe in the power of diet supplements in speeding up the process of weight loss. In my case, I tried using Raspberry Ultra Drops. I've been using the product for almost two months now and I was able to lose 20 lbs without feeling any side effects. It has also helped me regain the confidence that I have once lost.

posted Nov 20th, 2012 11:40 pm


I'm a rice eater and I feel that I can't survive the day without it. It gives me enough energy to get through my tasks. However, I gained a lot of weight because of it. So I decided to curb my consumption of it and look for a diet supplement. I tried a raspberry ketone supplement. When I started taking Raspberry Ultra Drops, I was able to shed 5 pounds after two weeks of use with no side effects.

posted Nov 20th, 2012 11:06 pm


Apart from HCG and African mango as diet supplements, raspberry ketones are growing in popularity as a key ingredient of most liquid-based weight-loss products. To test the effectiveness of this particular product, I ordered a couple of Raspberry Ultra Drops bottles online. In just two weeks, I was able to lose 5 pounds without feeling nauseous. I’ve been on Raspberry Ultra Drops diet for a month now and I’ve been consistently losing weight. To achieve better results, I also cut down my consumption of carbs and sweets.

posted Nov 19th, 2012 11:36 pm

kobe brand

Losing weight after the pregnancy is really hard that's why I decided to look for a diet supplement that would help me get rid of extra fats as a result of my pregnancy. I found out about Raspberry Ultra Drops and decided to try it. It's safe and effective as a weight-loss supplement. It also raises my energy as well as my metabolism.

posted Nov 16th, 2012 1:57 am

Natalie K

I started using Raspberry Ultra Drops a month ago and with this product I was able to lose 20 pounds in a month without feeling groggy or any adverse effects. Apart from fat-burning compounds, Raspberry Ultra Drops contains ingredients that play a role in the detoxification of the body.

posted Nov 15th, 2012 12:37 am


Wow! It's good to know that there are others who are becoming aware of the benefits of raspberry ketones as a weight-loss product. I'm also a Raspberry Ultra Drops user for two months now and I can say that this supplement drops helped me lose those extra pounds. It also helps boost my energy and increase my metabolism.

posted Nov 14th, 2012 11:40 pm


I learned about the benefits of raspberry ketones when I was looking for a supplement that promotes weight loss. There are a lot of raspberry ketone products online but the product that I chose to try is Raspberry Ultra Drops. With this liquid-based supplement, I was able to shed off 3 pounds in just a week. I’ve been on this diet program for two months now and I can say that I could reach my target weight in just a short period of time.

posted Nov 11th, 2012 10:51 pm


I felt depressed when my old clothes no longer fit me. To solve my dilemma, I decided to look for an effective diet supplement and one of the products that I can say effective is the Raspberry Ultra Drops. With Raspberry Ultra Drops, I have more energy. It also provides the body with stress-fighting antioxidants.

posted Nov 9th, 2012 12:47 am

diana d

A friend told me about Raspberry Ultra Drops. She suggested this liquid-based diet supplement to me after I told her that the product I was on didn't seem to help me. I tried it and surprisingly, I was able to shed 2 pounds in a week. Regular exercise and healthy food also played their part in helping me lose weight.

posted Nov 9th, 2012 12:04 am

Sidney M

The all-natural diet that I'm currently using is the Raspberry Ultra Drops. What I like about this product is that I don't easily feel tired whenever I take it. My cravings for desserts and snacks have also dropped as a result of taking Raspberry Ultra Drops. Thanks to this fat-burning solution, I feel lighter and sexier.

posted Nov 8th, 2012 12:16 am


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