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Skinny Meals In Heels

Skinny Meals In Heels

A cookbook for the cook who wants to eat well while staying fit and trim.

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Jennifer Joyce is an American food writer, stylist, and chef. Her cookbook, Skinny Meals in Heels, is a no nonsense guide for the busy home cook who wants to maintain her figure without sacrificing flavor. Joyce has created 130 recipes that are easy to prep ahead of time or prepare in under an hour and still get on the table at the end of a long day.

Joyce boasts of the great ingredients and the “skinny” tip she includes with each recipe. She emphasizes the theory of not counting calories or grams of fat, yet she encourages people to use common sense and cut back on the obviously unhealthy choices, like high-fat or fried foods. She encourages the behaviors of the French and the Italians. These cultures are known for pairing lots of vegetables with their small portions of rich food. The cultures are also known for their small waist lines.

Simply put, the Skinny meals in Heels cookbook is full of practical advice for those who likes to cook with flavor, yet don't want to see their weight increase. Joyce adds helpful info to each recipe to increase one’s knowledge about healthy food and how to prepare a common dish in a more healthful way. For example, she encourages baking pita or even root vegetables. This creates the familiar taste of chips, yet much lower in fats and much higher in nutrients.

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  • Book has 130 unique recipes
  • Recipes all include “the skinny,” an explanation why this recipe is lighter or healthier
  • No special foods are required to use the recipes, all foods are easily found in the grocery store
  • Author has written several other cookbooks, is a teaching chef, and has appeared on many TV shows
  • Book contains many helpful tips on how to eat more reasonably
  • Book offers tips on how to still have foods like bacon without all the guilt
  • There is no diet plan accompanying the book
  • The diet tips may be too general for one who needs to lose significant weight
  • Some recipes may be too adventurous for some eaters

Skinny Meals in Heels is not a diet book as it is primarily a cookbook. It does offer several tips about how to eat. Some examples include:

  • Using less of the higher fat ingredients
  • Only indulging in higher fat, rich foods a few days a week
  • Not eating snacks between meals
  • Stopping eating once full
  • Understanding there is such a thing as good fat
  • Encouraging the consumption of lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Keeping the kitchen stocked with prepped, good-for-you foods

Skinny Meals in Heels does not endorse an exercise plan as this is a cookbook. Joyce references the fact that exercise alone won’t contribute to weight lose, and explains that diet is pivotal in weight loss.


Jennifer Joyce has written a fun cookbook that pays homage to her Italian roots and her love of good food. She acknowledges that many of these dishes are high in fat and calories and had provided many way to make them lighter and emphasize nutrition in the ingredients. Each recipe is unique and has a very useful tip explaining why the method of preparation or ingredients is lighter or healthier. Skinny Meals in Heels is also full of ways to make eating great foods at home easier, as most recipes are quick or encourage easy prep that allows for the dish to be tossed together even at the end of a long day.

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