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ResV Splash

ResV Splash

A liquid form of the resveratrol supplement, with green tea.

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ResV Splash is a dietary supplement in the form of drops that can be added to your food to aid in weight management. The ResV Splash formula contains a water soluble resveratrol, is boosted with green tea, helps fight fatigue and boost energy and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Resveratrol is a chemical that is commonly found in red wine and in large amounts can help reduce blood sugar and have beneficial cardiovascular benefits. ResV Splash claims to be 1000 times more effective than pills that are currently on the market containing resveratrol. The product also claims to be made with 98% pure trans-resveratrol. Using ResV Splash enables more resveratrol to get into your body and thus increases the benefits of using the product.

There is a 30-day free trial of ResV Splash available, although technically the trial period is only 10 days when reading through the terms and conditions. You only have to pay for shipping and sent a full month’s supply of the product, but will be billed for that month’s supply after 10 days. In addition to that, once you give your credit card information to pay for shipping, if you don’t cancel within 10 days, you will be enrolled in an automatic shipping program where you receive and are charged for more product once per month.

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  • Claims to be 1000 times more soluble than current resveratrol pills available
  • Resveratrol helps with cardiovascular functions and lowers blood sugar
  • Product comes in a simple liquid form that can be dropped into food
  • No real explanation of what ResV Splash is supposed to do for you
  • No guarantee that this product will help you
  • Automatic enrollment into an shipping program
  • 10-day free trial masked by being called a 30-day free trial
  • Site contains very little information on the product

There is a lot of mention of green tea being an ingredient in ResV Splash. There is also mention of trans-resveratrol being an active ingredient in the product. Beyond that, there is no official ingredient list to be found on the site or anywhere else. On the package there are claims that ResV Splash is made with 98% resveratrol, but without seeing a complete ingredient list, that can’t be verified.


Drops of ResV Splash are added to your favorite food or drinks. Read product label for specific dosage information.


There is no mention of a diet or exercise plan that should be followed when using ResV Splash. The product briefly mentions that it can help with weight management due to containing green tea, but no information is given regarding implementing a diet and exercise plan.


Overall ResV Splash lacks more information than it gives. The product doesn’t fully tell what it is supposed to do, how to take it, which ingredients are contained or show any research proving its effectiveness. There is also the tricky auto-shipment program that comes along with the free trial.

ResV Splash seems to be another product that is picking up on the latest fad, being resveratrol, and capitalizing on consumers’ curiosity. There may be benefits to this product, but with the lack of information, it is very hard to tell what those are.

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