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Power Foods

Power Foods

Enjoy 150 recipes with some of the healthiest ingredients available.

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Power Foods is a book written by the editors of Whole Living Magazine that includes 150 recipes using the 38 healthiest ingredients available. Some of your favorite ingredients have phenomenal health benefits. Incorporating them into your everyday meals can lead to a healthier life overall. This cookbook includes great recipes with simple instructions and photographs. Some of the chapters in this cookbook include breakfast, starters and snacks, sandwiches and wraps, soups and stews, salads, main dishes, side dishes and desserts.

Power Foods is not just a cookbook, it also includes information about the benefits and disease fighting abilities of the 38 power foods. The book also teaches you when to buy organic ingredients, how to read nutrition labels and how to eat seasonally. The power foods are clearly identified so you can use some of your own recipes and include the power foods. There are ten golden rules for eating healthy and incorporating power foods into your diet.

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  • Includes information on the 38 healthiest foods available
  • All recipes include power foods
  • Cookbook has 150 recipes to choose from
  • Recipe categories cover all meals and desserts
  • Offers tips on how to read nutrition labels
  • Gives information on the best time to choose organic ingredients
  • Encourages eating natural unprocessed foods
  • Organic ingredients can be more expensive

The recipes in this book offer a truly healthy way to eat. There are 10 golden rules that will help you eat the proper way. Although there is no official diet plan, you can use the golden rules as a guideline for how to eat. There are a total of 38 power foods that are incorporated into the 150 recipes within Power Foods. These power foods have disease fighting powers as well as other health benefits. The recipes are contained within chapters including breakfast, starters and snacks, sandwiches and wraps, soups and stews, salads, main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Below are some of the recipes within the book:

  • Artichoke spinach dip
  • Soy-wasabi spread
  • Black bean salsa with baked chips
  • Classic guacamole
  • Crisp tofu with vegetables and sesame-ginger dipping sauce
  • Beet chips
  • Egg salad sandwiches
  • Grilled mushroom burgers with white bean spread
  • Carrot soup
  • Golden pepper soup
  • Chilled tomato-dill soup

The golden rules that should be followed when making food choices and eating are:

  • Choose a wide variety of natural, unprocessed foods.
  • Buy organic - especially for produce most heavily treated with pesticides.
  • Shop locally and eat seasonally.
  • Think of fruits and vegetables in terms of the rainbow; eating a range of colors will give you all the essential nutrients.
  • Limit salt intake as it increases the risk of heart disease and hypertension.
  • Buy grains, nuts and seeds in bulk from a store with rapid turnover.
  • Choose cooking oils that contain good monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
  • For cooking, use organic, low-sodium broth in cartons.
  • Plan ahead and shop wisely.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables, one quarter with whole grains and one quarter with lean protein.

There is no exercise guidance since Power Foods is a cookbook.


If you are looking for a healthy way to incorporate foods that will benefit your body, Power Foods is a great cookbook to add to your kitchen. With 150 recipes to incorporate these foods, there is plenty of variety available for meals of all kinds. The 10 golden rules provided by the cookbook offer great insight into adopting a healthy diet and may even help you lose weight. Power Foods gives healthy eating a simple approach along with several recipes to make that happen.

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