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Perfect Health Diet

Perfect Health Diet

Live in perfect health by changing the foods you eat.

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Perfect Health Diet: Four Steps to Renewed Health, Youthful Vitality, and Long Life is a book written by Paul Jaminet and Shou-Ching Jaminet. The authors are a husband and wife team who are also scientists. They believe that disease, premature aging and impaired health are caused by food toxicity, malnutrition and chronic infections by bacteria. This diet is based on five years of research and has enabled the authors to cure their own chronic diseases. This diet can be modified to help with certain diseases that you may have in order to give you perfect health. You can make simple changes in your diet to have optimal health throughout your lifetime with this book. The book includes hundreds of references highlighting the research that has gone into it. Foods with toxins are to be avoided with the Perfect Health Diet along with sugar, grains that aren’t white rice and legumes.

The Perfect Health Diet offers a great plan that can help you make the most of your health and live longer. The plan is based on science and founded facts. Several people who have read this book have found it helpful and spoken highly of the disease fighting benefits of following the diet. By simply changing your diet, you can see dramatic results in your health. The authors recommend changing your diet as the first step in treatment of disease. This diet shows that the body can recover with a combination of proper nutrition and antimicrobial drugs.

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  • Diet offers tremendous health benefits
  • Written by two well credentialed scientists
  • Diet was used by the authors to overcome their own illness
  • Encourages a lifestyle change
  • Highly reviewed by those who have read the book or tried the diet
  • Diet is low to moderate where carbs are concerned
  • Plan tells you specifically what to eat and what not to eat
  • Offers replacement recommendations for the foods that you should avoid
  • Some may find giving up certain foods for life difficult

The Perfect Health Diet offers disease reduction by simply changing your diet. The diet gives you specific instructions on what to eat and what to avoid. The makeup of the diet is about 65 percent plant foods and 35 percent meats and oils. Your daily carb intake will be 20 percent or 400 of your daily calories. The other 80 percent or 1,600 of your daily calories will come from fatty meats, seafood or eggs. You will also have about four tablespoons of healthy oils or fats per day. Salmon and other fresh water fish should be eaten for the omega three fatty acids. Meats should be cooked with things like butter, animal fats, coconut oil and olive oil. Snacks should be things like nuts, cheese and fruit. Ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, butter and cream are all on the allowed list as well.

Some of the things that you are to avoid include sugar, corn syrup, legumes, grains and cereals because they contain naturally toxic proteins. A daily vitamin is recommended to help you optimize your nutrition.


Exercise is important with Perfect Health Diet as well. The authors do recognize that those with higher metabolisms will not need as much exercises as others. Some of the recommended forms of exercise include:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Walking
  • Hiking

If you want to fight disease or keep yourself from getting diseases you might be interested in the Perfect Health Diet. This diet offers scientific research to back up the claims behind the foods that are recommended and those that should be avoided. This diet isn’t one just for weight loss, but it’s gauged at improving overall health so it takes a lifetime commitment. For those suffering from diseases, this diet can offer relief as well as a much healthier lifestyle.

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This is the best diet ever. With a high food reward, this diet enabled me to lose 80 lbs in 7 months! So this is just as much a weight loss diet as a health diet when it is the right diet for all!

posted Dec 8th, 2011 2:57 pm


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