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Healthy Meals Delivered to Busy New Yorkers

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NRGmeals is a meal delivery service that offers two diet plans to customers in the New York City area. The first is NRGmeal slim, which is low-carb and designed for healthy weight-loss. The second in NRGmeals Pro, which is low-fat designed to help busy people to eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight.

NRGmeals offers a seven-day trial to first-time customers and a 31 day plan. If you go out of town, you can postpone your meals and have them delivered at a future date.

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  • Convenient pre-packaged foods are delivered to your home
  • Foods are prepared fresh before delivery
  • Reasonably priced, particularly for New York City
  • Healthy, balanced meals
  • You can have your choose meals to meet your dietary needs, restrictions and preferences
  • You will lose weight at a reasonable and healthy rate
  • Only available in the New York City area
  • May be difficult to transition to a healthy diet after ending a NRGmeals plan
  • Does not include exercise plan
  • Few fresh (uncooked) fruits and vegetables were included in the week-long sample provided for review
  • None of the foods are locally or organically sourced

NRGmeals will provide you with a complete meal plan that requires no cooking. All the meals come pre-cooked and only require microwaving, with condiments included. Each meal is labeled with its caloric content along with the proportion of carbs, fats and protein. They are also labeled with a recommended microwave time, however the times needed to re-heat food can vary greatly from this amount.

Although you can not request individual dishes to be prepared without specific ingredients, there are over 50 menu items to choose from. Your daily caloric intake will be determined by the meals you pick, and will be tailored to your needs and weight-loss goals. The meals are generally quite filling, but you may wish to add a little of your own seasoning.

On the NRG Slim plan, you will eat about 30 percent carbohydrates, 50 protein and 20 percent fat. On the NRG Pro plan, you will eat 40 percent carbohydrates, 40 percent protein and 20 percent fats.


NRGmeals does not offer guidelines for exercise.


NRGmeals offers busy New Yorkers a good option for dieting. It may be hard to forgo your favorite greasy take-out place, but you will eat a more healthy diet with NRGmeals. The major drawback to this diet is that it does not include any physical activity guidelines. If you don't add additional foods to your NRGmeals, you will lose weight at a healthy and reasonable pace, of about two to three pounds per week.

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z h


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Buy a TV dinner instead.


So I got a special deal through LivingSocial - 4 entrees and 2 breakfasts for $29, supposedly a 71% savings from the regular price of $100. I sprung for it since my wife was going to be out of town and I figured, hey, how bad could that be? Little did I know.

Well, my first order, which was made three days ahead of time for the time she'd be away, was cancelled the day before -- they had gotten too much business from their special offer and couldn't fulfill it.

OK, so I ordered for the following week and arranged my schedule to be home for the evening delivery. That evening, I got a call from them saying they were running behind and couldn't deliver till almost midnight. I didn't want to wait up, so we arranged for delivery the next day instead. They threw in a free snack. That was nice of them.

When the food finally arrived, what a disappointment it was! Its appearance was decidedly unappetizing (see the photos), and the taste was even worse. The breakfast frittata, which was supposed to have turkey bacon in it, had four tiny bits of meat, literally 1/2 inch square each, and as thin as a bacon slice. That's about an inch of meat in a 4x4x2" square, and it was sunk at the bottom. The frittata had NO taste whatsoever. Well, maybe a little like cardboard. I tried salt. No good. I tried more salt. Still no good. Even more salt. No, no, no. Then I tried butter. Didn't help. I finally had to douse it with mustard and accompany it with a hotdog to be able to get it down. By golly, I paid for it so I was going to eat it!

Today I tried their cod cake. A lot more cake (breading) than cod throughout. It was accompanied by about a cup of frozen vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, and one carrot, which had no seasoning whatsoever. Totally tasteless. And yes, salt didn't help. The sauce that accompanied it in a little plastic cup was only OK. I had to bring out the mustard again (I can't remember when is the last time I had food that actually NEEDED mustard!).

I still have two entrees and one breakfast to go, but I had to write this. This is probably my first Yelp review, because I just don't have time to do them, but this experience was so disappointing that I had to warn others.

If I had paid their full price, each of these sorry "entrees" would have cost about $20, and the "breakfasts" $10. As the executive summary said, do yourself a favor - buy a TV dinner. They cost less, are there when you want them, and taste a LOT, LOT better! Probably fewer calories, too!

Sorry, NRG Meals, but this was a FAIL.

posted Nov 14th, 2010 2:57 pm

Genevieve C.


I was able to try NRG meals through a deal at Living Social. $29 for 2 breakfasts and 4 entrees plus free delivery in NYC. It's surprisingly good!! The servings are big and it leaves me full. I was impressed with most of the dishes I received. Some are definitely better than others but, overall, seems like it was a good deal. Everybody at NRG that I have been in contact with have been so nice and professional! They asked for feedback and appreciated my honesty. Oh, by the way, the also gave me free snacks and a dessert to sample. Would definitely consider trying this as a long-term plan. Thanks, NRG!!!

posted Nov 6th, 2010 3:38 am


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