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Does the self-proclaimed smallest pill on the market produce big results?

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nanoSLIM is a one-per-day diet supplement that claims to be the smallest pill on the market. The active ingredient in nanoSLIM is corosolic acid, which maintains healthy glucose levels in the body to aid weight loss. nanoSLIM gives your cells more energy, and this allows glucose to move into your muscle tissue to convert to energy instead of fat.

The key ingredients are all plant-based - lagerstroemia speciosa L. (crape-myrtle leaves), cha' de bugre extract (a Brazilian tree), green coffee extract and thallus powder (twigs). There is a long list of other ingredients including Blue No. 2, maltodextrin (a potato starch commonly used as a water soluble glue), carmine (Red No. 4) and stearic acid (a common saturated fat).

nanoSLIM discusses the importance of diet and exercise when losing weight. The site describes an eight-week study to learn nanoSLIM's results and explained that exercise and a healthy diet were required for all participants. During those two months, participants were able to lose an average of 10.6 pounds.

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  • Fast weight loss
  • Supports healthy diet and exercise
  • Once daily pill

Like the many other diet supplements, nanoSLIM does not provide enough relevant information. Rather, it repeats the few facts they choose to present. The product FAQ only has five questions, none of which provide great detail. While nanoSLIM promotes diet and exercise to achieve the desired results, it offers no guidance in these areas.

  • Limited information
  • No explicit diet or exercise guidance
  • Does not appear to be 100% organic ingredients
  • May contain wheat
Diet and NutritionDiet and Nutrition



nanoSLIM does recommend you commit to regular exercise while using the diet pill. However, there is not any specific guidance supplied.


There are so many diet pills and supplements available that it's important to weed out the one that is best for you. nanoSLIM offers a lot of incomplete and vague product information, making it difficult to accurately access its value. nanoSLIM does not make any all-natural claims and there are plenty of those supplements available. It's important to do research and consult your physician before beginning a new diet regimen.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

nanaslim, nano slim, nannoslim

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I took it a little while ago and it seemed to help me a bit. I didn't keep taking it because I haven't seen it since I ran out. But I did have problems with low blood sugar before I started taking it and it helped me the most there, kept my blood sugar stable. I think I lost like 4 pounds while I was on it. They haven't come back yet (I took them Nov2007).


is this just for women?


Just started taking it 3 days ago, have actually put 2pounds ON. This was as well as eating fairly healthy. Did take tablet yesterday quite late at night & had trouble sleeping, wide awake and full of energy at 3am....Nice feeling tho....


if anyone taking nanoslim has ANY side effects at all, please post it on a comment here. i bought nanoslim today but im too scared to try it...and does anyone know if these pills can be taken if you have a drink or two of alcohol a couple of hours later?


i started yesterday and i read up on reviews saying people don't lose much weight which frustrates me seeing as i paid almost 30 dollars for it, who knows mabey it'll work with the right diet and excersise. And yes you can purchase it at walmart


Has anyone had any side effects like sleeplessness or jitteriness, etc.


I started taking it a week ago and no weight loss yet and I do excersize a couple of times per week -


Does nanoslim actually work? and if so how long does it take to actually see the results of losing weight? is it possible to lose 20pounds in 2months or so? AND could you purchase this item at shopper drug store?


I started nanoslim today. If there are any sort of changes with me, I will post it here.


I read an article in Oxygen magazine that rated this pill the best they found on the market


I have used this or 8 days and nothing yet. I am eating pretty healthy and excercise so I will give this 1 more week


Has this worked for anyone?


I actually just starting taking NanoSlim today.


Im using this now and cant see any difference. i will give it another couple of weeks.


I just started taking nanoslim too and I have heard a lot of things that aren't true about it...the package includes a lot on information about what is in the pill, and it does include a work out guide to follow in conjunction to taking the pill. Most of the bad things I have heard about this have been in reference to it not having those facts...when in fact, it does.


Has anyone tired NanoSlim?


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