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An integrated weight loss system to help you lose weight.

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Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss Solution is a doctor approved program that consists of nutrition, balance and motivation. The nutrition portion of the program features a customized meal plan designed to keep you within your specific glycemic threshold. Your glycemic threshold is genetic and is defined as the point where your body switches over from burning fat to storing it. The higher your threshold, the less fat you store and the easier it is for you to lose weight. Those with higher thresholds store more fat and find it harder to lose weight. The balance component of the program offers a revolutionary fat burning exercise program designed to raise your glycemic threshold. The motivation element offers a behavior modification program that will help you stick with Mobanu to keep the weight off forever. Mobanu is recommended by doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers.

If you have a large amount of belly fat, struggle from muffin top or a spare tire then Mobanu might be the program for you. This is also a great program for those who have lost weight but have had trouble keeping it off. Mobanu is customized and shows you how to use natural foods that are readily available to keep you out of fat storing mode. The Glycemic Threshold technology is the backbone of the Mobanu program. The program allows you to lose weight at a healthy pace of about one to two pounds per week while eating foods you enjoy and exercising three times per week. With Mobanu, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Counting calories
  • Taking diet pills
  • Ordering or eating pre-packaged foods
  • Paying monthly membership fees

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  • Program is customized depending on your threshold levels
  • Includes nutrition and exercise components
  • Exercise program starts with 20 minutes three times per week
  • Mobanu kit includes a heart rate monitor
  • Kit comes with a workout DVD
  • Includes a motivation DVD and CD
  • Starts with making small changes that lead to big results
  • Choose from the virtual or premium version of the program
  • Eating program can be very strict
  • No calorie counting restrictions can encourage eating too much butter, cheese or high fat meats

The Mobanu program is scientifically based on research from the Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health and the Harvard School of Public Health. Your eating plan is based on your personal glycemic threshold. This program is not based on will power and doesn’t require that you struggle while never feeling satisfied. As long as you stay below your threshold, you can eat until you are satisfied at each meal. There is no need to count calories, carbs or fat grams. Staying below your threshold also reduces your food cravings, which helps keep you within your food range. You will be able to eat out and use the foods you love to lose weight with Mobanu.

Mobanu believes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. The program is based on the fact that your body can only handle a certain amount of carbohydrates before your blood sugar levels get too high and put you over your Glycemic Threshold. Once you cross that line, you move from burning fat to storing it. By understanding your individual glycemic threshold level, you can eat the right combination of foods to keep your body out of fat storing mode. Some of the common high glycemic load foods that you should avoid include:

  • Bread, crackers, chips, cookies, pastries, bagels, muffins and scones
  • Cereal
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Candies, jams, syrup, ketchup, sauces containing sugar
  • Soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice, sweetened tea
  • Dried fruits
  • Anything with high fructose corn syrup

Each of your meals should be prepared by beginning with the correct amount of protein for your body, using the glycemic load chart to include good carbs and adding some good fats to make the meal taste good. There is a seven day meal plan included to get you started. After you’ve gone through those meals, you can use the charts to create your own snacks and meals. Below is one day of eating which adds up to a total daily GL of 300.

  • Breakfast: Bacon and eggs (you can use turkey sausage or steak served with fruit
  • Lunch: Italian Wedding Soup and salad - low-carb homemade soup and salad made without noodles
  • Dinner: Stir-fried chicken and snow peas – chicken; peas; water chestnuts; cashews served without rice
  • Snack: Assorted veggies served with sliced hard cheese and protein of choice

The Mobanu exercise program is designed to help you get results in just three 20 minute workouts each week. There are two different phases with the Mobanu exercise program. During Phase 1, you will be including 20 minutes of walking at least every other day. This is one way to wake up your mitochondria and begin to reverse insulin resistance. This will raise your glycemic threshold. The second way to raise your glycemic threshold is to build more lean muscle mass. When you enter phase two of the exercise program, you will use interval exercise to build lean muscle mass and raise your glycemic threshold. There is a 12 week workout schedule included with your Mobanu kit.

Your goal in Phase 1 of the exercise program is to reverse insulin resistance. As you become stronger, you can gradually increase the amount of time you walk to 40 minutes every other day. You can also substitute another form of exercise like easy bicycling or rebounding, but be sure to include at least 20 minutes of continuous light exercise at a time.

Phase 2 offers a goal of completely using up your glycogen supplies so your body must refill them. To do this you will be incorporating some high-intensity interval exercise which forces your body to use up glycogen to fuel the exercise. These types of exercises are the key to maximum fat loss because your body accesses its fat stores. If you do Phase 2 exercises for 15 minutes instead of jogging for the same length of time, you will burn more fat and continue for up to 24 hours after you’ve completed your exercise. The Mobanu kit includes five different interval exercises for you to try out. Your interval workouts should always be kept under 20 minutes including the warm-up and you should work to at least 85 percent of your max heart rate during your intervals. Some of the activities you can do during your intervals include:

  • Outdoor running sprints
  • Sprinting up a hill or up stairs
  • Swimming sprints
  • Stair-stepper sprints
  • Fast jump roping intervals
  • Rowing machine sprints
  • Body-weight calisthenics in intervals
  • Circuit training with weights
  • Treadmill sprints
  • Elliptical machine sprints

Each kit comes with the Balance workout DVD and all of the workouts can be done at home. No gym membership is required and the kit also comes with a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor comes in very handy when doing your interval exercises to make sure you are in your target heart rate zone.


Mobanu offers a simple approach to eating and exercise. Many might find the program difficult to stick with due to the elimination of high glycemic load foods like various breads, pastas and grains. The program does offer sound exercise advice and a heart rate monitor to track the effectiveness of your workouts. If you can stick with the plan, Mobanu may offer some helpful results.

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I've lost 10 lbs so far. Took about 2 weeks to get used to but definitely works

posted Jan 28th, 2012 6:20 pm


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