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Linda's Diet Delites

Linda's Diet Delites

Order hard to find healthy groceries delivered right to your door.

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Linda’s Diet Delites is a web site offering a variety of delicious foods that fit into your diet. You can purchase any combination of the foods you like and everything comes in a portion controlled package. Many of the foods offered are hard to find low-carb, low-calorie or gluten free items. The foods available through Linda’s Diet Delites include some that are perishable, but they are available to be shipped throughout the United States. Some of the things you can order from this site include diet foods, gluten free foods, supplements, frozen foods and low carb or sugar free items.

The site offers a list of the best selling items for those that might be having trouble deciding on what to order. There is an online catalog that you can or print showcasing all of the products available on Linda’s Diet Delites along with product details and pricing information. This site can be a great resource for those who have already picked out their diet and would like some helpful products to go along with their new style of eating.

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  • Offers hard to find diet products
  • Great for those who are looking for low carb products
  • Offers gluten free products
  • Ships anywhere in the US
  • Online catalog available
  • Items are reasonably priced
  • Order whatever quantities you need
  • Detailed product information available
  • Free shipping on orders that total $100 or more
  • Shipping costs can add up if you are ordering frozen items

Being on a diet becomes quickly about finding the foods you can enjoy that fit within your style of eating while allowing you to reach your goals. No matter what type of diet you choose, there are products that can benefit you on the Linda’s Diet Delites web site. There are no specific diet guidelines given due to this being a resource for groceries. There are gluten free foods, low fat foods and low carb foods. You can also get frozen foods and supplements through this site. Some of the products available include:

  • Healthy mixes
  • Healthy breads
  • Healthy cakes and pies
  • Healthy pasta
  • Healthy snack foods
  • Low carb muffin
  • Low carb pasta
  • Low carb entrees
  • Gluten free breadcrumbs, croutons and stuffing
  • Gluten free candy
  • Gluten free soups
  • Gluten free snacks

There is no exercise associated with Linda’s Diet Delites.


If you’ve had a favorite product while on your diet that you can’t seem to find anymore, or just want to find some variety, Linda’s Diet Delites may be a great web site for you. This site essentially serves as an online grocery store that will allow you to order as much or as little of your favorite products and have them delivered to your home. Whether you prefer gluten free, low carb or low fat food, Linda’s Diet Delites offers plenty of different products that can help make your diet a success.

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I have been ordering low carb food from this site for about a year now regularyly - about once a month. None of the store in my area carry any of these products, and they really are the best tasting! Unfortunately, I have decided to stop ordering from Linda's for a number of reasons:

1. The food prices and shipping costs are way too expensive.

2. 75% of the time, my order is incorrect. It's always low carb food... It's just not the food I specifically ordered. For example: I ordered low carb hot dog buns - and that's what it says on my receipt - but I received low carb hamburger buns. This happens almost every time.

3. They put your shipment on HOLD to ensure it doesn't get stuck in transit for four or more days. This seems great - I mean, no one wants spoiled food. But this was my most recent experience: I ordered my food on a Wednesday, expecting it to be delivered Saturday or Monday. However, on Saturday, I received an email telling me my order had been put on HOLD because the food would be in transit for four days and that they would ship it on Monday. That irked me because they had just ruined my meal plans for the following week. So, today is Wednesday and I wanted to check to see if I would receive my food today or tomorrow... And according to USPS tracking, it won't be delivered until Friday. That's FIVE days!

I just can't believe what's happening with this latest order... Combined with the number of incorrect orders I've received and the outrageous prices, I'm going to have to shop elsewhere.

posted Jan 11th, 2017 9:58 am


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