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Le Personal Coach

Le Personal Coach

Lose weight by incorporating these small easy changes.

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Le Personal Coach is a book written by Valerie Orsoni. Orsoni is a fitness coach, mother and cancer survivor. She has helped numerous individuals reach their personal goals in the areas of weight loss. This book offers a French trainer sharing her simple secrets for reshaping, rebuilding, and renewing your body. Using this program, 92 percent of women lost an average of 26 pounds. With this program you don’t have to let exercise scare you. You can have a fit, trim and less-stressed body with the information in this book. You don’t have to join a gym or invest in a lot of expensive fitness equipment either. This book includes quick exercises that can be incorporated into your daily life and schedule. Some of the things you will learn with Le Personal Coach are:

  • How to fit exercise in no matter where you are
  • What exercises increase bone density
  • Professional dancer’s secrets to a natural breast lift
  • How to increase confidence and decrease back pain with posture
  • Strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed and target your trouble zones
  • Easy ways to de-stress

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2018?

  • Teaches you how to incorporate exercise, movement and good food into your life
  • Combines good eating habits with exercise for results
  • Offers secrets
  • Begin to see results in a month
  • Workouts don’t require a gym
  • Book is full of small changes you can use to make a big difference
  • Great for those who don’t think they have time to work out
  • Those with large amounts of weight to lose may take longer to see results

For the diet portion of Le Personal Coach you incorporate several different techniques that allow you to see results. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love; you just have to be smarter about how much you’re eating. Below are some of the changes you will find helpful in the book:

  • Eat five almonds before indulging in the foods you love; this sends a signal to the brain that you’ve had a combination of fat and protein so you store less fat than someone who indulges on an empty stomach
  • Eat an apple about 15 minutes prior to a meal to reduce your appetite
  • Start your meal with protein to reduce blood-sugar surge
  • Do chores around the house by hand like washing dishes,
  • Walk around while you’re on the phone

You don’t need a gym membership in order to get quality workouts each day. This book allows you to work your muscles while you’re doing other things, so you’re not pressed to find time devoted solely to a workout. A lot of these techniques are used by the French to stay thin and healthy while indulging in some of the richest foods available. Below are some of the more popular exercises you can include:

  • Working your thighs while at a traffic light
  • Doing toilet squats in the restroom
  • Contract glutes while sitting at your desk
  • Contract abs while on the subway
  • Walk instead of driving to appointments and meetings
  • Take a small ball to work and hold it between your legs at knee level; squeeze 50-100 times per day
  • Go for a walk while your kids are at karate or dance practice
  • Do 20 standing wall pushups each time you go to the restroom

Making over your body and getting fit doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul all at once. You can incorporate small changes gradually that will make your body into one that you love. Le Personal Coach gives you all the information you need to make these changes and start seeing results. The tips in this book are based on things the French do and comes from a French trainer and coach. You can get fit and slim without setting foot in a gym and you will be able to keep the weight off. If you want to be able to indulge occasionally and have a beautiful physique, this book can be the ticket you’ve been looking for.

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