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Just 10 Pounds

Just 10 Pounds

Lose weight 10 pounds at a time for lasting success.

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Just 10 Pounds is a book written by Brad Lamm that allows you to finally reach your goal weight. This book also has a forward written by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Just 10 Pounds focuses on reaching your weight loss goals 10 pounds at a time. Many times when you have a large amount of weight to lose, focusing on the whole number can seem overwhelming. This type of thinking can also cause you to go off your plan. By focusing on 10 pounds at a time, Lamm helps you reach your goals through a winning strategy. Some of the benefits of Just 10 Pounds include:

  • Your clothes fit better
  • Significant drop in blood pressure
  • Increased sex drive
  • An attainable goal and doable point
  • Increased energy

Brad Lamm is a board-registered interventionist and addiction specialist. He was also a compulsive overeater at one time. Lamm struggled with his weight for many years before he finally gained control of it. This book discusses everything from emotional to self-esteem issues and how they relate to food. Just 10 Pounds includes a 30 day plan that you can easily follow and includes a 10 step program. This book can help you reclaim your power over food.

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  • Helps you regain control over your eating habits
  • Book written by a former addict and overeater
  • Program involves 10 steps
  • Keeps goals small and manageable
  • Reduces your risk for certain weight related diseases
  • Helps you identify your eating style
  • Deals with emotional eating issues
  • Encourages more physical movement
  • Several testimonials available
  • iPad app available for mobile convenience
  • iPad app allows you to connect with other Just 10 Pounds dieters, find meetings and receive daily positive affirmations
  • iPad app offers lists of "good" foods and substitutions for easy meal planning on the go
  • Complaints that the book contains no new information
  • iPad app only includes diet plan for days 1-3
  • iPad app includes no information on exercise
  • iPad app includes no daily calorie recommendations

Just 10 Pounds is a diet that involves 10 steps and helps you address your emotional issues where food is concerned. One of the first things you will do is identify what type of eating style you have. Identifying your style of eating will help you figure out what type of changes you need to make. The different categories of eating include energy, emotional, sensual, critical, external and habitual. The 10 steps that you follow on the Just 10 Pounds program are:

  • Live the love-centered diet
  • Start a moving meditation
  • Develop a daily practice
  • Appreciate your body
  • Love yourself thin
  • Maintain loving connections
  • Eliminate excuses
  • Connect with higher-source thinking
  • Pay it forward

There is an outlined food plan included in the book that allows you to eat a variety of foods. The program asks that you commit to your meals and stick with it no matter what. You will be moving towards eating more natural foods and away from those that are heavily processed. Food is to be used to fuel your body and fill your hunger. Those who are typically emotional eaters will learn to eat for hunger and not for feeling. One day on the Just 10 Pounds eating plan is reflected below:

  • Breakfast: Berry smoothie
  • Lunch: Grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast on top of 1 cup of greens or other raw high-fiber vegetables; ½ cup cooked sweet potato with 1 Tbs. olive oil or butter; 1 serving of fruit
  • Dinner: Roast beef tenderloin; 1 cup greens with 2 Tbs. dressing or olive oil; cauliflower mashed potatoes
  • Snack: 1 serving fruit

The Just 10 Pounds iPad app includes meal plans for days 1-3, but not 4-10. It also includes lists of "good" fruits, vegetables, proteins and fats and includes a list of simple substitutions for healthier choices. It also has a library of foods to "score" and "skip" to help you make your own healthy nutrition decisions.


Exercise is encouraged with Just 10 Pounds. The book talks about using one piece of equipment and your own body weight as resistance in your workouts. This will allow you to challenge your muscles and get the results you want. The piece of equipment that is recommended is called a glider disc. You can use these discs for toning exercises and they are inexpensive. Glider discs are also portable and challenge your speed and power levels. The complete no-weight workout that is provided in Just 10 Pounds is listed below:

  • Warm-up: 5 to 10 minutes using cardio
  • Sliding Warm-up
  • Sliding Lunges: Three sets of 12 reps each side
  • Chair Squats: Three sets of 12 reps each side
  • Ab Slides: Three sets of 12 reps
  • Hamstring Slides: Three sets of 12 reps on each side
  • Glute Squeeze: Three sets of 12 reps on each side

There is no mention of exercise, fitness or the Glider disc on the Just 10 Pounds iPad App.


Just 10 Pounds offers a 10 step approach to weight loss and helps you break your goals down into something small and manageable. No one wants to think about losing 100 pounds, but 10 pounds is doable and a much easier goal to reach. This book offers solid diet advice and will help you reach your goals if you follow the steps.

The Just 10 Pounds iPad App is a great accompaniment to the Just 10 Pounds diet program, but does not include enough information or guidance to allow you to follow the diet with just the iPad app alone.

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