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It Starts With Food

It Starts With Food

Try a Paleo diet for 30 days to cleanse your body and lose weight.

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It Starts with Food is a new book written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. They co-owned and operated a strength and conditioning facility together before they founded Whole9 in 2009. They are both certified sports nutritionists. It Starts with Food offers a challenge called the Whole30 Challenge. This challenge will deal with the unhealthy relationship many of us have with food and teach about the importance of eating the way nature intended. There are some common sense philosophies involved as well as solid nutritional information. This book offers a plan that can help you lose weight permanently, increase your energy, improve your mood and break the cycle of unhealthy food cravings. The program asks for only 30 days to show you the drastic changes you can make in your body with food. Those that have tried the program have been able to rid their bodies of symptoms from diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies, eczema, migraines, infertility, fibromyalgia and many others. There are success stories included in the book along with a detailed action plan and scientific research and some recipes.

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  • Includes everything needed to start the Whole30 plan
  • Program has been proven effective for many people
  • Program is based on research
  • Deals with unhealthy food relationships
  • Only requires 30 days to reset your nutrition
  • Includes shopping guides and meal plans
  • Can improve overall health
  • None to speak of

It Starts with Food is structured around eating a caveman or Paleo diet. This basically meals going back to eating the types of food our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before the agricultural revolution. This type of diet is completely sustainable and includes high quality meat along with lots of plant based foods and healthy fat. Some of the healthiest things you can eat on this program include meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, vegetables and the right fats. Things like sugar, sweeteners, grains, legumes, diary and alcohol are all listed as less healthy foods and are addressed in the book. There are some recipes in the book, and you are provided with meal plans and shopping guides. When focusing on what to do on this program, the following rules are provided:

  • Eat foods that make you healthier – meat, seafood, eggs, lots of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of healthy fats.
  • Do not consume any added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes or dairy.
  • Do not attempt to recreate junk foods or desserts by using approved ingredients.
  • Do not step on the scale for the entirety of your program

It Starts with Food focuses on cleaning out your diet for 30 days. There is no specific exercise advice outlined within the book.


It Starts with Food takes your body on a 30 day nutritional reset by having you eat a Paleo diet during that time. After completing your 30 days, you are allowed to start reintroducing certain foods back into your diet if you know you will want to eat them every once in a while. The encouragement of this plan is to focus on eating the right mix of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and good fats to improve your health. Most people do find that they lose weight while on the program, but the emphasis is on health. For those looking to make a lifestyle change for the better, It Starts with Food can definitely offer some helpful advice.

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