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HCG Guide

HCG Guide

An eBook serving as a guide to the HCG Diet.

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The HCG Guide is an eBook that offers a thorough look at the HCG Diet. This book answers questions like why HCG works, where to get HCG, the easiest way to do the diet, what supplies you need and where to get them, detailed tips on how to maintain your weight loss and each phase of the diet in details.

The HCG Diet involves injecting yourself each day with a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin and sticking to a very restrictive 500 calorie diet. The HCG Guide guarantees that you can lose more weight faster than you ever have, maintain your weight loss of the rest of your life and that the diet plan is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Injecting yourself with hormones and eating only 500 calories per day is bound to be unlike anything you’ve ever done before. With this program you are said to lose between 20 and 40 pounds per month, not be hungry and not be required to exercise at all.

This program also claims that you will reset your metabolism to a normal level and reset your brain to famine mode. You receive step by step instructions with this guide and free consulting for life. Because The HCG Guide is an eBook, you can download it immediately after you’ve paid for it.

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  • eBook comes with an eight week money back guarantee
  • Includes step by step instructions
  • Tells you what supplies you need and where to get them
  • All the info you need is included in the book
  • Available to be downloaded immediately after purchase
  • Claims to be the last diet you will ever need
  • HCG Diet is very controversial and involves unsafe practices
  • Involves you injecting yourself with hormones each day
  • Calorie content is 500 per day which can be unsafe
  • Diet puts your brain and body into famine mode, which is commonly referred to as starvation mode
  • Promises weight loss of between 20 and 40 pounds per month which is unsafe
  • Claims you can lose large amounts of weight with no exercise
  • Offers no evidence or clinical studies showing how safe or effective the diet is

The HCG Guide is a guide to the HCG Diet. This diet has come under fire because of its key component of hormones. To feel the effect of the hormones, dieters must inject themselves with it. The diet for this program is also highly scrutinized as it consists of eating 500 calories per day. Such low calorie consumption would be why the body is thrown into famine mode. On the web site tricking the body into famine mode is viewed as an advantage according to the web site. With this guide, you are given specific instructions on what to eat, how to eat it and an extensive list of the foods that are allowed.


It is mentioned on the web site that exercise is not needed to receive the quick weight loss results that are promised. There is no exercise plan included in the eBook.


There are plenty of safe and effective weight loss programs on the market. Whether they include a plan outlined in a book, a specialized workout plan or even a meal replacement plan, these diets can be safe and effective. The HCG Guide introduces a diet that has been placed under heavy scrutiny for its questionable methods and extremely low calorie consumption. Upon researching the HCG Diet, it becomes clear that this diet is something that should be avoided. Losing weight that you are able to keep off permanently doesn’t occur at the rate of losing one pound per day as this diet promises. Always remember when it comes to losing weight, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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