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HCG Diet Made Simple

HCG Diet Made Simple

A simple guide to the suspicious HCG Diet.

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HCG Diet Made Simple is an eBook that is available that gives a breakdown of the HCG Diet. This eBook outlines all of the details involved in the diet. The web site for the HCG Diet Made Simple states that the government and FDA have failed dieters so this program is supposedly the answer.

This 140 page eBook was written by Harmony Clearwater Grace and offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. The book includes an extensive section of frequently asked questions, a product list of the things that can make the diet easier, an explanation of the injections, a calorie count for all the foods that are allowed, how to mix injections, how to order injections if you are not using a clinic, suggestions for explaining the diet to skeptical friends and solutions to common problems while on the diet.

There are several other pieces of information included with this book. The fact that there are common problems to be on the lookout for as well as instructions on how to order products while not using a clinic is cause for alarm. Any type of diet that involves injecting yourself with a substance and offers information on not involving a clinic should draw red flags. The HCG Diet has been under a lot of scrutiny for being dangerous for that very reason.

Doctors and health professionals have been very outspoken that this diet can be more harmful than helpful. This diet is very controversial and the injections are typically combined with a very low caloric intake.

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  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • eBook is reasonably priced
  • Seems to have an extensive FAQ section
  • Claims to be everything you need to start the HCG Diet
  • Talk openly about the possible complications of the diet
  • Diet is highly controversial
  • Diet involves mixing and injecting yourself with hormones
  • Points you to buying injection hormones without going through a clinic or doctor
  • Most doctors will not endorse this diet
  • Encourages a highly restrictive diet
  • Offers itself as a solution to the government and FDA failing diet consumers
  • Diet only allows you 500 calories per day

The web site really gives very little information to those looking for details about the HCG Diet Made Simple eBook. There is one testimonial that talks about having the injected hormones and 500 calories of food per day. The diet is known for being very restrictive where calories are concerned and regarding what you can and cannot eat. Consuming only 500 calories per day puts your body into starvation mode. Of course with that massive reduction of calories, you are bound to lose weight, but that type of weight loss is not permanent and you will likely regain weight as soon as you start eating normal amounts of food again. On this diet you don’t have to count your 500 calories, because you told exactly what to eat and how many calories those items contain.


This book refutes the age old argument that diet and exercise are the proper way to lose weight. One testimonial even says that you should never tell someone that they should start a diet and exercise program to lose weight. It is eluded that exercise is not needed because you will be losing so much weight with the hormones and the restrictive diet alone. Also, the program doesn’t particularly encourage exercise because the author does not believe it is necessary.


HCG Diet Made Simple is yet another book that offers information about the highly controversial HCG Diet. This diet has been deemed unsafe and some have even classified it as dangerous. Many doctors will not encourage a diet of this type and if you truly do some research, you will find there are some unsafe details involved. There are many safer ways to lose weight, and they don’t involve questionable hormone injections or starving.

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