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Go UnDiet

Go UnDiet

Make these 50 changes at your own pace, and never diet again.

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Poor nutrition and high obesity rates are plaguing countries around the world. Many people are bouncing from diet to diet with little or no results. For those looking to lose weight permanently, it comes down to making changes that you can maintain for a lifetime. One book that explores making small changes that will lead to lasting weight loss is Go UnDiet by registered dietician Gloria Tsang. The changes involved in this book are painless and you do not involve a diet plan. This book is not about eating low carb, low fat or low GI foods. You will lose weight making the 50 outlined changes in this book and you will be able to keep it off for good. With these small changes, you won’t have to count calories or fat, and there is no rigid diet plan to follow.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2018?

  • Involves making small changes that lead to permanent weight loss
  • No rigid diet to follow
  • No need to count calories or fat
  • Take one small change at a time
  • Helps you eliminate highly processed foods
  • Teaches what foods can be the culprit to weight gain
  • Debunks common diet myths
  • Does not promise to be a miracle diet
  • None to speak of

Go UnDiet is not a diet plan. This book serves as a guide that asks you to make 50 small changes for improved health and weight loss. Each of the changes is manageable and there is no calorie or fat counting involved. You can decide to group some of the changes together, incorporate all of them at once or take them one at a time. If you have questions about why you continue to gain weight but don’t feel you are over eating, this book may offer some answers. One of the biggest culprits exposed is food that is highly processed. Some of the tips you will see in the book are:

  • Start UnDieting – stop starving yourself
  • Start one change per week
  • Start doing it – set an action goal for the week
  • Start your new life with a kickoff week – keep a food journal to see what you’re really eating for a week
  • Start using problem-solving techniques – if you go off track, look for a solution
  • Un-low – look for products with low-sodium rather than low-sugar or low-fat
  • Un-cartoon – avoid products with cartoon characters on the packaging; they usually contain lots of sugar and artificial coloring
  • Un-fat-free – leave anything that says it’s fat-free on the shelf; fat-free food is not real food

Exercise is mentioned in Go UnDiet briefly as a method to create a calorie deficit. It is recommended that you try to incorporate at least 20 to 25 minutes of fun activity in each day. Some of the recommendations for moving more and making it fun include:

  • Swimming
  • Take your dog for a brisk walk
  • Take a dance lesson
  • Ice skate around the rink
  • Jump rope
  • Take a spin at the park
  • Play a game with a racket

Go UnDiet addresses some of the common problems with modern diets. This book tackles diet myths that you may have struggled with and shows you how making small changes will result in true weight loss. Whether you decide to make multiple changes at once or take it slow, there is some sound advice that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle in this book.

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Wonderful, common sense and I like that she gives you ways to go organic on a budget as well as finding sustainable meats, fish, etc! Great!

posted Aug 3rd, 2011 12:57 pm


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