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From Fat to Fit

From Fat to Fit

One woman's journey of weight loss and launching a community weight loss effort.

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From Fat to Fit is a book written by Carole Carson that showcases how she transformed her own life and helped an entire community lose four tons. Carole was able to lose 62 pounds and go from a size 18 to a size six. This book is filled with the story of hundreds of people that were able to lose weight through teamwork and helping each other. From Fat to Fit will show you how to create your own fitness program and make small changes that will help you lose weight fast. The book chronicles Carole’s journey week by week and shows you her exercise plan. Carole did the program at the age of 59 proving that you can get fit no matter your age. From Fat to Fit gives you some guidelines so that you know what change to make to get results. From Fat to Fit offers information about calories, eating properly, exercising and losing weight in a healthy way.

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  • Great for older adults that want to lose weight
  • Chronicles the author’s journey to a fit lifestyle
  • Offers step by step instructions for each week
  • Includes 56 discoveries about eating and cooking
  • Gives seven steps toward personal fitness
  • Shows the author’s journal notes for 16 weeks
  • Does not outline a specific diet plan
  • Book contains a lot of filler material

From Fat to Fit offers a detailed view of one woman’s journey to fitness. It doesn’t give details of her eating habits though she did use a personal trainer and increased her activity.


Increased fitness is the main focus of From Fat to Fit. In this book, Carole Carson talks about her own body makeover. She also details how she was able to get the Nevada County Meltdown going. This was her way of taking her private weight loss and making it into a community effort for healthier lifestyles. There is information in the book on how you can help move toward community fitness. There are also seven steps to personal fitness. Following these steps will help you adopt a more fit and healthy lifestyle. The seven steps to personal fitness include:

  • Fork in the road not in the mouth: Your decision to change must be authentic and self-generated.
  • Tell the truth: Go public with your decision to get fit and tell as many people as possible. This will keep you accountable and you may find some friends and family members that want to join you in getting fit.
  • Find “my people”: Assemble a team of people that are encouraging and lift you up. These people might include a dietician, personal trainer, physician, a gym group or friends who want to join you in getting fit.
  • From fat to fit: Set goals and design your own program. You must set goals and decide how you will reach them. These goals need to include elements for both weight loss and exercise.
  • In the card game of life, honesty trumps denial: Establish accountability including self-accountability like journaling what you eat and how much you exercise. You can use a manual journal or one of the many free web based programs available. Report your information weekly to an outside source so that there is someone to help you keep things in perspective.
  • Become a student again: Learn, experiment and celebrate. Be prepared to learn new ways of cooking and dining out. Make notes of how foods affect your body. Continue to research fitness and make adjustments to your routine as you lose weight.
  • Recruit or regress: Promote and institutionalize by selling fitness to your friends and family members. Become a self-appointed fitness advocate and use every opportunity you can to encourage others to join you in leading a more healthy life.

Whether you want to get yourself in shape or involve the entire community, From Fat to Fit offers some solid advice. The book does not involve any specific diet plans, so you will need to create your own eating plan. As far as fitness goes, the book does include some helpful tips that will get you moving and hopefully help you reach your goals.

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