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Food Lover's Fat Loss

Food Lover's Fat Loss

The diet plan by Robert Ferguson for those that love to eat.

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Robert Ferguson has been called America’s Fat Loss Coach. He has written several books on the subject of weight loss and he is a certified nutritionist. He is also a fitness specialist and has created a fat loss plan that is gaining a lot of popularity. The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System is a program that markets itself as one for people that love to eat. The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System teaches you how to eat the foods you love instead of depriving yourself of them. The plan is 21 days long and will educate you on eating the foods you eat now, but in a way that will speed up your metabolism so you burn fat instead of storing it. The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System boasts that you can eat the foods you love during every meal that you eat and continue to reduce your waist size. You are never required to eat foods you don’t like with this program.

The process that enables the weight loss on this program is called optimizing your glycemic profile. This helps keep your insulin levels steady and low throughout the day which will keep you from storing fat. This program teaches you how to eat the carbohydrates you love in the right combination so that you lose weight. You can try the program risk free to see if it works for you.

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  • Allows you to eat the foods you love
  • Teaches you how to eat the right combination of foods for weight loss
  • Created by a nutritionist and fitness specialist
  • Program gets results that last
  • System includes everything you need to get started
  • Allows you to eat more
  • Includes a meal planner that will allow you to plan various different meals
  • None to speak of

The bulk of the Food Lover’s Fat Loss System is about food and teaching you the proper way to eat. You will be learning how to properly mix slow carbs, fast carbs and protein for your meals. You eat five to six meals each day and don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods. The program highlights just 21 days, but that is the amount of time you take to makeover your metabolism. You continue eating this way for the rest of your life to reach your weight loss goal and keep the weight off. The beauty of the program is that since you are continuing to eat the foods you love, it will be easy to maintain. You are guided through a book that shows you exactly how to make a Fat Loss plate so that you are always secure in the meals you are eating.

Although you can eat your favorite foods, you may not be able to eat them all in the same meal. Things like bread, pasta, rice, wine and chocolate are still allowed though. With the included million meals planner, you will learn all of the different foods that you can eat together to create a great tasting Fat Loss meals that will help you lose weight and satisfy your appetite. There are also guides on eating out, some comfort food recipes, a quick loss plan that will take you down one size in seven days and a snack guide. A sample day of eating on this plan is reflected below:

  • Breakfast: 2 turkey sausage links; 2 scrambled eggs; 2 whole wheat buttermilk biscuits
  • Morning snack: 1 ounce nuts
  • Lunch: Fajita style chicken and vegetables with quinoa
  • Afternoon snack: ¼ cup dried fruit
  • Dinner: BBQ pork chop; sautéed vegetables; garlic toast rounds
  • Dessert: Chocolate pudding

The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System also comes with an exercise DVD. This workout series includes four different workouts that range from 12 minutes to a full length Kickboxing Burn workout. These workouts are designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. The workout DVD focuses on shaping your body and burning fat. These workouts are the same ones that Robert Ferguson designed for his professional clients.


The Food Lover’s Fat Loss System has gained notoriety as a program that has been highly effective for those that love carbohydrates and want to lose weight. You can use this program to refocus your metabolism and help you reach your goals. This program encourages both healthy eating and exercise to help you lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.

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Food is completely do-able, real stuff that you cook yourself. Also tasty enough that my non-dieting husband eats the recipes without a complaint at all. This is, to me, a lifetime of healthy portion control & eating, not just a fad to help you drop a few pounds and then creep back up the scale.

posted Jan 11th, 2012 1:21 pm



Very easy to use. Developed around sound nutritional information that can be used for life. Not a diet, a way of lifetime eating. Exercise is key in the process. I have lost 6 pounds in one week so far....

posted Oct 10th, 2011 5:44 pm


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