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This flexible bar can be the key to weight loss for those with back problems.

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The Flexi-Bar is a fitness tool available in the UK used to treat various back problems while also helping you lose weight and keep it off. The Flexi-Bar is great for beginners, those that want to lose weight and those that are just beginning exercise. The Flexi-Bar uses vibration training to work deep within the core muscles to get you results fast. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done with the Flexi-Bar and you can target any body part that you want to improve. You can also use this product to improve your overall muscle tone and strength. This piece of training equipment is versatile and will get you results faster than many other available training aides.

The vibration training that the Flexi-Bar uses is the act of passing vibrations of a particular frequency through the body to get muscular responses. This works the entire body as a unit instead of working different body parts. With this device you are the source of the power, so if your body decides it is unhappy, it shuts down the device. The Flexi-Bar is a very effective workout and uses major muscle groups like the shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, abdominals and the lower body.

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  • Works the entire body
  • Great for those with back problems
  • Improves muscular strength and weakness
  • Helps you burn more calories
  • Works for those slightly overweight or obese
  • Encourages calorie reduction along with exercise
  • Increases your metabolic rate
  • Grows with you as you lose weight
  • Keep burning calories up to 24 hours after your workout
  • International shipping fees may be expensive

It is recommended that you reduce your calorie intake through dieting as well as burning additional calories with the workouts. There is no specific dieting guidance offered through. There are some diet books available or sale on the Flexi-Bar site.


The Flexi-Bar comes in various different packages. For those that are interested, there are also DVDs available that can guide you through workouts that you can do at home. Because the Flexi-Bar is sent from the UK, it is not likely that there are fitness classes available in the United States. This would make the DVDs very helpful. The Flexi-Bar uses vibration training to target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Some of the workouts are available to be downloaded for instant access. Below are some workout DVDs available to do with the Flexi-Bar:

  • 10 Minute Workout
  • Slim, Long & Strong
  • Lower Body Lift
  • Total Body Toner
  • Training Plan 1
  • Firm Abs Strong Back
  • Lower Body Lift Twin Pack

The Flexi-Bar can help with a number of back problems and it can help you lose weight. This is a tool that beginners and those that have weight loss goals. This is a great product for those that might be overweight or obese. Those in the U.K. and worldwide have access to the Flexi-Bar to meet their fitness goals.

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Flexible bar, flaxi-bar, flexi-ber, flexi-bark

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