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Fat Loss Factor

Fat Loss Factor

Learn weight loss secrets through this eBook program.

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Fat Loss Factor is a program presented through white board drawings that reveals tips that help you quickly get a flatter belly while still enjoying the foods you love. The program was created by board certified chiropractor, certified wellness practitioner, speaker, author and diet and nutrition expert Dr. Charles Livingston. This program allows you to download all materials immediately after paying. The program is 12 weeks long and the web site touts some testimonial photos of those who have had great results. The program includes information on proper nutrition and the type of exercise needed to achieve quick and realistic weight loss. Some of the benefits of this program include fat reduction, strengthening of the immune system, higher levels of energy, sound sleep and reduced food cravings.

One of the first things to do on this program is a liver cleanse to remove toxins from the body and start fresh. During the first two weeks of the program, you are requested to eat natural and organic foods like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds and beans. After the first two weeks, you start following the regular program. The total program includes four different steps to lasting weight loss including:

Step 1: Cleaning your liver Step 2: Specific fat burning foods to eat; allow you to eat bad foods and still lose weight Step 3: Increase your fat loss with 15 minutes of exercise, three times per week without excess cardio Step 4: Learn the reason all diets fail and the Fat Loss Factor doesn’t

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  • Boost your metabolism
  • Learn how to burn more fat doing less
  • Includes healthy diet and exercise advice
  • Works for women and men
  • Several before and after photos
  • Developed by a board certified doctor
  • Most details of the program unavailable until after purchase
  • Program with same name available from different creator which can cause confusing

Fat Loss Factor starts you out with a two week cleanse where you eat only natural and organic foods. This is done to detox your body and includes foods like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds and beans. The purpose of the detox is to eliminate toxins, strengthen your immune system, lose excess weight, increase energy, improve sleep and break any emotional ties with food. Foods to avoid during the detox are meat, dairy products, eggs, bread, grains, sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you choose to do the extreme weight loss option, you fast for at least three days. During that fast, you complete a master cleanse with the help of a lemonade drink that contains water, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper. After your preliminary two week stint on the detox part of the program, you move to the regular program. The Fat Loss Factor program is based on the following principles:

  • Wash away fat by drinking water regularly
  • Do high intensity interval training so that your body has to think and adapt
  • Boost your metabolism by doing strength training three times per week
  • Eat regularly through having small meals throughout the day
  • Learn what foods you should avoid and which ones maximize fat burning

There are five foods that Dr. Charles mentions may be stopping your fat loss. He recommends you avoid these foods. The first food is bananas which are high in sucrose. The riper the banana, the higher it is in sucrose, also known as table sugar. The second food to avoid is soy milk which contains estrogen-like compounds. He also recommends that you avoid bread, which is contains high amounts of enriched white flour. You should avoid granola which is highlighted as healthy but is actually high in calories and fat. Lastly, avoid farmed salmon which has more PCB’s than wild caught salmon. PCB’s are oily synthetic chemicals typically used in electrical equipment and as additives to paint, plastics and other products. When starting the regular portion of the program, you will be eating foods like lean protein, low glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that you eat most of your calories early in the day, eat small meals frequently throughout the day, have one cheat day per week and drink lots of water.


During the first two weeks of the Fat Loss Factor program, you are advised to spend 30 to 60 minutes walking. Exercise is recommended because it boosts metabolism, builds and tones muscles, reduces stress and improves self-esteem. During the 12 week program you have different strength training routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. There are also some sample 15 minute workouts included for when you are short on time. The full length workouts take between 35 and 60 minutes to complete and you do them three times per week starting out.

For the shorter workouts, Fat Loss Factor promotes doing high intensity interval training to get your body burning calories around the clock. This type of exercise is effective and gets results quickly. It can also take the place of cardio workouts if you don’t have time to fit in a full workout.


Fat Loss Factor seems to provide some useful information but it is hard to tell exactly if it’s the program for you prior to paying for it. There is also some confusion due to there being two different programs by the same name but with two different creators. Eating whole and natural foods while also engaging in exercise as Fat Loss Factor suggests is a great way to get into shape. The information offered in this program is solid and can definitely lead to weight loss and a healthier body.

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zeno kob


Are people considering you because of weight? Are you feeling self conscious and judged because how you look? Are you ready to produce big (positive) changes that you experienced?

If the answer to be able to these questions is yes you then are probably on the suitable page. The fat loss factor can be a complete fast weight loss program that claims to allow you to burn away all of the fat around your legs along with the backs of your arms, while keeping your buttocks and/or breasts nice as well as plump.

fat loss factor

posted Aug 30th, 2015 10:02 am


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