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Eat Your Way to Sexy

Eat Your Way to Sexy

Learn the 10 secrets needed to be healthy, happy and sexy.

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Eat Your Way to Sexy is a new book written by Elizabeth Somer. With the methods and advice in this book, you can start losing weight in just seven days. Within Eat Your Way to Sexy you will find 10 secrets that will lead to being healthy, happy and sexy. This book targets those who are overweight and looking for a program that will help them look and feel better. Making some small changes to your diet will allow you to boost your energy, sharpen your mind and energize your sex life if that happens to be an issue. There are hundreds of tips, recipes and other tools that will give you more confidence than you’ve ever had. Along with tips on eating, you will also learn to create a customized fitness plan. Eat Your Way to Sexy promises to help you look and feel younger, stimulate your brain and give you a sexy confidence you may be lacking. Some of the helpful tips you can benefit from are:

  • Start the day with a breakfast designed to wake you up
  • Power through the afternoon slump with snack that’s guaranteed to keep you feeling sexy until bedtime
  • Customize a fitness plan that will keep you energized
  • What exercises and foods stimulate your brain
  • How to get the sparkling eyes and hair to make you irresistible

This book offers a special SEXY eating plan that will nourish your skin and help you look up to 15 years younger. There is a daily menu planner included with step-by-step lifestyle changes. This book is about more than having a healthy sex life. Elizabeth Somer vows that she wants to help you feel alive, passionate, vibrant and confident.

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  • Includes a variety of tips and tools to give you more confidence
  • Offers info on diet and fitness
  • Gives shopping lists and recipes
  • Deals with your body from a confidence angle
  • None to speak of

The meal plan in offers you one week of laid out menus with each day being under 2,000 calories. If you want to lose weight faster, you can eliminate some of the snacks which will reduce the daily calorie count. All of the suggested meals come with recipes so there will be no confusion when preparing your food. Below is day seven of the plan:

  • Breakfast: 1 slice 100% whole wheat toast with 1 Tbs. peanut butter and ¼ cup pineapple chunks; coffee or tea with 1/3 cup low-fat milk
  • Snack: 1 small 2 ounce low-fat bran muffin topped with 2 Tbs. apple butter; 1 cup soy milk w/DHA; water
  • Lunch: 1 turkey breast sandwich on 100% whole-wheat bread with mustard and lettuce; 1 cup sliced cucumbers marinated in vinegar and spices; 1 large apple; diet soda or sparkling water
  • Snack: Guacamole and chips
  • Dinner: 1 serving Kissed By an Italian Penne; 1 cup sautéed spinach; 1 glass red wine
  • Late Snack: 1 slice Is-That-a-Carrot-in-Your-Pocket-or-Are-You-Just-Glad-to-See-Me Cake

The benefits of exercise are thoroughly covered in Eat Your Way to Sexy. Our bodies are meant to move and when they don’t they start to break down emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally. You can lose weight with this program, but the fact is that you can’t maintain that weight loss without exercise. Exercise improves mood, calms the nerves and moderate exercise maintains the brain while intense exercise grows new brain cells. Some of the things you should do or consider prior to starting an exercise routine include:

  • Get clearance from your doctor if you are over 40.
  • Have a plan even if it as simple as walking to work. Work out all of the details before getting started.
  • Expect roadblocks by writing down all the excuses you can come up with not to exercise, then list why those excuses aren’t good enough.
  • Make exercise the number one priority and schedule it over anything else that might come up.

For those that are beginners, you will start with 20 minutes of exercise each day. Your goal is to work up to one hour per day as you grow. Your ultimate goal is to make that one hour of vigorous activity, but start slow if you haven’t worked out regularly in the past. To see benefits, you need to move enough to sweat but not so much that soreness or fatigue will ruin your motivation.


Eat Your Way to Sexy can be a great motivator for getting in shape and losing weight. This book is written in a fun and sexy tone, but deals with the serious issue of being overweight and how that can affect your long term health. The meal plan and exercise guidance are solid and the program is one that anyone can follow if they are willing to make the changes.

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