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Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean

Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean

A no nonsense approach to making decisions like a skinny person.

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Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean is a book by registered dietician Ryan Andrews. This book shows how living a plant-based lifestyle works to give you a healthy body. The book shows you how using the opposites approach to change attitudes that can make you fat, which the author calls fattitudes. Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean goes through four different sections including the fat eater, the fat exerciser, the fat life and the fit life. Each chapter throughout the book deals with different attitudes and habits of those who are overweight. Some of the bad habits pointed out in Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean include:

  • Fat people drink calories
  • Fat people eat fast food
  • Fat people eat processed foods
  • Fat people eat mostly animal proteins
  • Fat people use food to manage their feelings

Although the book does take a blunt tone about our attitude towards fitness, many of the statements involve some common sense thoughts. Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean is all about changing your mind about your current habits and adopting healthier ones to lose weight, get in shape and possibly save your life.

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  • Offers several chapters dealing with nutrition and health
  • Encourages the eating of whole foods rather than processed ones
  • Encourages plenty of exercise
  • Discourages fast food and calorie-filled beverages
  • Offers a simple plan to get lean and stay lean
  • Some may be turned off by the blunt tone of the book

Throughout Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean, unhealthy attitudes toward food are revealed and there is a solution provided for each of those attitudes. The recommendation of the author is to eat a plant based diet, which will provide you with the proper amount of protein and other nutrients that the body needs. When you are given the seven week plan to follow, you are simply given different things to implement each week, but never told what you shouldn’t do. You will basically be slowly adding in more fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and green tea each week. You start out with vegetables and then add in something else each week.

Fast food is also addressed as a food source to be completely avoided. There are some very smart tips offered in this book when it comes to the way you eat. Some of the top recommendations are:

  • Don’t eat low-fat, low-carb, reduced-calorie, sugar-free, or diet packaged foods.
  • Don’t plan for cheat meals. Occasionally you will eat some crummy food or overeat. Since you’re going to do it anyway, there’s no need to include it in your schedule.
  • Eat when you’re hungry. Listen to your genuine hunger cues.
  • Balance your fat intake. Favor monounsaturated fats and omega-3s.
  • Don’t drink calories. Limit your beverages to water, tea and coffee.

One of the first things addressed in the fit people section is that fit people eat real, whole foods. The foods that we should be eating already exist, making the nearly twenty thousand new food products released each year completely unnecessary. Sticking to real foods will keep you away from those that are processed and filled with ingredients that you won’t want to put into your body.


Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean focuses on exercise as another important part of thinking like a skinny person. A couple of the fat attitudes showcased around this subject are:

  • Fat people exercise fewer than four hours per week
  • Fat people are lazy

In dealing with exercise in Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean, you learn that exercising for at least four hours each week seems to be enough to keep people lean. Make time in your day and don’t leave exercise or healthful eating up for debate. Some of the suggestions for fitting in exercise include walk early in the morning, take a short walk before lunch, park far from the door when running errands, get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way or multitask and work out during TV time. You also need to do a mix of cardio and resistance training. If you do only cardio exercise, you won’t have enough overload to keep muscle on the body. For cardio exercises, cycling, swimming and jogging are all recommended. Some simple resistance training exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, squats and weight lifting.

On the simple plan to get lean and stay lean, you simply add in more movement through progression. The program offers an easy to follow way of adding in more movement for those that may be coming from doing no exercise currently. The plan is outlined below:

  • Week 1: Do about one hour of your favorite exercise, spread out over the week. That’s less than nine minutes per day so time and energy should not be factors in completing this.
  • Week 2: Do about one and a half hours of your favorite exercise over the course of the week. That’s less than 13 minutes per day.
  • Week 3: Do about two hours of your favorite exercise which breaks down to about 17 minutes per day.
  • Week 4: Do about two and a half hours of your favorite exercise. This is still less than 22 minutes per day.
  • Week 5: Do about three hours of your favorite exercise this week. This equates to about 25 minutes per day.
  • Week 6: Do three and a half hours of your favorite exercise this week. This comes to about 30 minutes per day and at this point your body should be feeling better.
  • Week 7: Do four hours of your favorite exercise this week.
  • Week 8 and Beyond: Aim for five hours of total exercise time each week. This breaks down to just 45 minutes each week.

Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean takes a brash approach to weight loss in its tone, but the information is solid. There is a push for a plant-based diet, but those who eat meat can easily follow the instructions for increasing their fruit and vegetable intake. You don’t have to change everything right away with this program. Over the course of eight weeks you can simply swap out some bad habits for healthy ones and start living and thinking like a skinny person.

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