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Dr. Jo's No Big Deal Diet

Dr. Jo's No Big Deal Diet

Losing weight isn't a big deal with this program.

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Dr. Jo’s No Big Deal Diet introduces the seven skills for successful weight loss and is written by Dr. Joanne Lichten. Dr. Lichten, affectionately known as Dr. Jo, has been called America’s On-The-Go Health Guru. She has authored several books and works as a freelance writer and media spokesperson and is a registered dietitian.

This book is for those who have tried and lost weight previously but can’t keep it off, or those who just can’t seem to lose weight despite all their efforts. This program is also a good one for those who don’t think they have the willpower to lose weight.

Some of the constant themes that are shared in this book include the facts that knowledge alone doesn’t bring healthy changes, there is no perfect diet and you don’t need more willpower to be successful at losing weight. The seven skills for weight loss include:

  • No more excuses
  • Treat yourself right
  • Make your own rules
  • No more deprivation
  • Accelerate your metabolism
  • Ask yourself why
  • Keep your focus

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  • Provides a solution to weight loss that works
  • Written by a registered dietitian
  • Uses skill-power versus willpower
  • Turns what you already know about diet and exercise into actions
  • Uses the seven skills for weight loss to get results
  • Addresses the many different types of eaters and provides healthy eating tips for all of them
  • No new information is presented

Dr. Jo’s No Big Deal Diet encourages you to set your own rules when it comes to healthy eating. By setting your own rules she means, devising a healthy eating plan that accommodates your lifestyle, weight loss goals and your relationship to food.

Dr. Jo has numerous tips to help deal with the emotional eater, the person who is too busy to eat and ends up gorging at night, the person who turns to food for non-hunger reasons.

In general, you are encouraged to monitor what and how much you eat through a food journal; eat breakfast; determine what your calorie needs are and stick to them in order to lose weight.

Healthy eating and living tips include finding other enjoyable activities to do other than drinking and eating, waiting for ten minutes before giving in to a food craving, finding a healthy substitute for high calorie and high fat favorite food and using positive thinking to help you achieve your health goal.


Dr. Jo’s No Big Deal Diet strongly recommends as a way to lose weight and boost confidence.

Tips for exercising include finding a physical activity you enjoy doing and making a habit out of doing it regularly, always keeping a exercise DVD on hand at home for the days when weather and time prevent you from working out at the gym or outside, hire a physical trainer and keep an exercise diary to monitor your progress.

A combination of cardiovascular exercise, which provides an immediate boost to metabolism, and strength training, which works to develop muscles all-day long, are both strongly encouraged as part of Dr. Jo’s No Big Deal Diet exercise plan.


Trying to lose weight is no doubt something that most people will be faced with at some point in their lifetime. Having a resource like Dr. Jo’s No Big Deal Diet can make the journey a little easier. This book shares seven secrets to help you lose weight successfully. Dr. Jo is an expert in the nutrition field and has an array of knowledge on the subject. Using Dr. Jo’s book can take some of the edge off trying to lose weight and allow you to focus on skillpower instead of depending on willpower.

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