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Chill Out and Get Healthy

Chill Out and Get Healthy

This book helps women get a grip on their health using Oriental medicine practices.

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Chill Out and Get Healthy is a new book written by Aimee Raupp that shows you how to live clean, be strong and stay sexy. Raupp is a licensed certified acupuncturist and herbalist who is currently in private practice. She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in traditional Oriental medicine. Chill Out and Get Healthy is a great for those looking for a straight forward approach to prevent disease and live a comfortable life. This book is targeted at women and is great for those that are always tired, eating a lot of soy and trying desperately to find a lifestyle guide that will actually work. Some of the target points in this book include getting enough sleep at night, eating several meals throughout the day, quenching your thirst, healthy digestion and bowel movements along with urination. All of the practices that are adopted in this book come from the author’s expertise in Chinese medicine. You will see benefits in your hair, skin and nails along with many other benefits.

This book points out what you should eat and gives you various tips on how to chill out daily and reduce stress. Various anxiety disorders are dealt with so that you can use Chinese medicine to connect your mind and body in a harmonious way.

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  • Offers techniques for staying calm and getting healthy
  • Great for women suffering from stress and health ailments
  • Encourages eating clean and healthy foods
  • Tells you to sleep seven to eight hours per night
  • Encourages both exercise and healthy eating
  • Can reduce various ailments associated with menstruation and anxiety
  • Truly a healthy way of eating and taking care of your body
  • None to speak of

Chill Out and Get Healthy is all about eating clean, organic and nondead foods. The steps of the plan include eating healthy, sleeping seven to eight hours each night, taking some chill out time for at least five minutes per day and exercising on a regular basis. The book, the author explains why sugar is evil, soy sucks and bigger is not better. One piece of advice for choosing your foods is if it sits on your counter or the bottom of your purse and doesn’t go bad, don’t eat it. This means that you need to eat live – nondead foods, not deal meal replacement foods. Some of the things you need to avoid are sugar, soy, white flour, or anything white. This doesn’t include the natural sugars that occur in foods like fruit. For your dairy, you should not have more than one slice of organic cheese per day or a couple ounces of organic, full-fat milk. Instead of dairy, the book lists several ways to get calcium through clean fruits and vegetables if that is a concern.

The foods you can eat on this program include 100 percent organic fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry nuts, milk, fruit juice and dried fruits. There are some foods that can be non-organic and a list is provided. For corn, you must make sure it is not genetically modified. Various types of seafood are also ok with the exception of shark, swordfish and tilefish. These should be avoided because if their high mercury content. You should also eat fat in the form of nuts, avocados, flaxseeds, olive oil, eggs, meat, coconut oil, ghee, organic butter and fatty fish like salmon. You are encouraged to eat all types of meat like chicken, lamb, duck, beef, pork, turkey, buffalo, elk, venison and others you might think of. Another piece of critical advice is to eat foods that are in season and locally grown. This enables you to eat foods that are in season in your part of the country. Below is a sample menu for one day of eating a nondead diet.

  • Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with tomato and fresh basil; one piece of bacon and a slice of whole-grain bread
  • Lunch: mixed mesclun-green salad with wild salmon, onions, green beans, olives, olive oil and vinegar
  • Snack: a banana and two handfuls of almonds or cashews
  • Dinner: baked chicken with fresh herbs, sautéed kale with garlic and a sweet potato with a touch of butter

For those that are concerned that they have social events that involve eating out, Raupp states to stick with the eating of nondead foods 80 to 85 percent of the time. That equates to about four dinners per week that might deviate slightly from the plan. Of course you are encouraged to stay within reason, but there is some flexibility involved.


Chill Out and Get Healthy does suggest that you exercise regularly. Exercise gives you energy so it’s important even when you feel tired or don’t feel like working out. Several scientific studies have concluded that sedentary people who adopted a regular exercise regimen had more energy than those who didn’t. Just get up and get moving several times a week and you will see the benefits.


Chill Out and Get Healthy offers a lot of helpful advice to naturally balance your body and get yourself healthy. The book tells you what types of foods to eat, how to remove stress and even combat several illnesses that women have grown accustomed to. Whether you are looking to get pregnant, want to take care of your body or just reduce things like PMS and anxiety, this book can tell you how. Chill Out and Get Healthy offers a clear approach to living a clean lifestyle that will make you strong and healthy.

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