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Prevents your body from absorbing up to 25 percent of the calories you eat.

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This product is no longer available, 12/09

CalTrap is not just your ordinary weight loss supplement. CalTrap is a tasteless food additive that you sprinkle on your food before you eat it. CalTrap is supposed to prevent up to 25% of the calories you consume from being absorbed. CalTrap contains extracts of the Konjac plant, a plant native to Asia that also contains an indigestible fiber, called, glucomannan.

Konjac forms a gel-like mass once you consume it which moves through the digestive track preventing any of its contents from being absorbed by the body. The glucomannan promotes a feeling of fullness as it travels through the digestive tract.

The Konjac used in CalTrap is a crystallized form that when reaches the intestine, the protective coating breaks down forming the gel that traps some of the food you ate. You can expect to lose 8 pounds in one month while using CalTrap.

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  • CalTrap may help to jumpstart a weight loss plan
  • CalTrap does not have any flavor
  • CalTrap is not approved by the FDA
  • Automatically enrolled in their auto-shipment program after registering for the free trial offer
  • May cause side effects

CalTrap contains 503 milligrams of Konnyaku root powder.


One quarter of a teaspoon is sprinkled on food. You should not add CalTrap to liquid foods like soups, stews or cereal, but it can be used at every meal. You are encouraged to sprinkle CalTrap on each bite before taking it rather than sprinkling it all over your food at one time.


There is no specific eating or exercise plan while taking CalTrap other than to follow how to use this product on your food. CalTrap will prevent up to 25 percent of your calories from being absorbed whether they are coming from healthy nutrients or not-so-healthy nutrients.


CalTrap is an innovative supplement that may help to prevent calories from being absorbed. CalTrap is not a fat-blocker like Olestra which can cause gastrointestinal effects but rather it traps fats, carbohydrate, and proteins in food and removes them in the stool.

Speak with your doctor first before using this product.

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Cal Trap, Calorie Trap, CallTrap, Cal-Trap

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elizabeth bolha


this is the best all natural diet aid on the market.made with konjac root,which gives the feeling of fullness,and is safe...i sprinkle it on my food brfore eating,[also,i take it with me in my purse when my family and i eat out],and i eat half of what i normally do.no pills,no fuss,it is such a simple ,and affordable way to diet and maintain your weight....my friends and family members are using it now.

posted Mar 26th, 2010 7:34 pm


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