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Birchall Diet

Birchall Diet

A no pills and no frills way to lose weight.

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The Birchall Diet is a no-nonsense, non-gimmick diet book which contends that any diet that tells you exactly what and when to eat is not going to work for everyone.

Created by Stephan Birchall, The Birchall Diet is one that you manage yourself and relies solely on your body. This diet claims to help you eat exactly what you want, but eat less of it so that you can lose weight. Birchall also believes that exercise is not the best way to lose weight and not necessary to lose weight.

The Birchall Diet has no guarantees, but it does talk about results of 2-4 pounds per week by making some simple changes outlined in the book. The diet does claim to be very easy to follow with clear guidelines on how to follow it.

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  • No set foods that you can or can’t eat
  • Exercise not required
  • Eat more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day
  • Recommends exercise to stay healthy, and not solely for weight loss
  • Doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight
  • Encouraged not to deprive yourself
  • Some people need to be given more specific direction to be successful in weight loss
  • Recommends that you listen to the experts on what foods to eat, which can be overwhelming

No specific foods are given in this book. Nothing is off limits and nothing is specifically advised to be eaten. Birchall does recommend that you listen to the experts on what is healthy. He also recommends small meals throughout the day. There is a slight push for more easily digestible foods that are high in water and fluid content because they digest easier and faster than meats. There is also the standard recommendation of having lots of fruits and vegetables. "Diet" and low-calorie foods are discouraged.


Exercise is recommended as a way to stay healthy, and not a way to accelerate your weight loss which is contrary to most advice on weight loss. Birchall does not see a direct link in diet and exercise and believes that if you don’t lead an active lifestyle you can lose weight by simply cutting back on how much you eat. He doesn’t advocate not exercising at all, but does suggest that it be done for health reasons only. Due to this stance, there are no recommended exercises or time parameters for working out.


The Birchall Diet seems to be one that’s different from many others on the market right now. Birchall is very open with what he believes to be true when it comes to dieting. Having some of those foods you like is encouraged, in proper quantities and not too often. This program allows you to lose weight without eating diet or low-calorie foods that won’t satisfy you. You'll learn proper portion control and are able to lose weight through eating small meals throughout the day.

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Tessa Butt


I have tried this diet and BOY is it different.

It has worked for me (loss 54lbs) where all others have failed.
Worth the price ten times over.

posted Dec 17th, 2009 8:26 pm


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