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Better in 7

Better in 7

The Doctors’ Dr. Ordon's book of 7-day self- and health-improvement guides.

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Dr. Ordon is the likeable personality that co-hosts NBC's daytime show, The Doctors. Dr. Ordon is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is known for offering many tips on how to look thinner, younger, and less wrinkled. In his book, Better in 7, he details a seven day guide to better everything from one’s waistline to the appereance of their hands.

The book is broken down into five parts:

  • Better body in seven
  • Sexier in seven
  • Younger in seven
  • Better sex in seven
  • Better mind-body strategies in seven

Each part has multiple categories. For example part one includes how to get a flatter tummy in seven days. Part two includes how to have more beautiful eyes in a week. Three includes how to have fewer wrinkles, while part four details how to have a better libido, and finally part five discusses how to get better sleep.

Each topic in the sections include a seven day diet, regimen, or exercises to accomplish these goals. All guides are simple steps and if there are foods or ingredients involved, they are relatively simple and easy to obtain. The reader can choose the topics that are important to them and follow Dr. Ordon’s guide to improvement.

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  • Dr. Ordon is a medical doctor and surgeon
  • Guides are easy to follow
  • Most materials for diets or treatments are easily found in grocery stores
  • The book has a Facebook page with free exercise videos, no extra costs
  • The book is simple to read
  • Dr. Ordon dispels many myths on each subject, like using toothpaste on acne
  • Dr. Ordon explains when a topic should be discussed with a physician and is no longer an at-home option
  • All guides are only seven days long
  • Dr. Ordon, a plastic surgeon, encourages natural fixes over surgery
  • Dr. Ordon uses reasons like attracting the opposite sex as the reasons for bettering yourself
  • Dr. Ordon says “You’ll never see sexy women pig out and eat...junk.” These phrases may be offputting to readers.
  • Dr. Ordon’s seven day weight loss diet is intense and contains very little calories and may not be wise for certain people
  • Some vitamins required for guides may be pricey and hard to find
  • Certain exercises may not be appropriate for all abilities
  • Some guides require frequent applications and may be too time consuming for the average person

Better in 7 refers to diet in a some of the guides, but not all. The guides for a smaller waistline and a flatter tummy are specific seven day diets. Some of the other guides include food, drinks, or vitamins, but are not necessarily diets. The diet based guides are very rigid and very restrictive. For example, day one of the “Thinner in 7” diet only allows for warm lemon water, vitamins, and fruit. The “Flatter Tummy in 7” diet guide only allows for protein at the lunch meal on day one. Again, the diets are very strict.

Most of the guides do call for vitamin supplementation, even if it’s “Sexier Hair in 7."


Depending on what guide the reader is using, there are several exercises included. For a “Flatter Tummy in 7,” Dr. Ordon details several core exercises and Pilates. For “Bigger Boobs in 7,” Dr. Ordon several strength exercises using dumbbells. “Thinner Thighs in 7” requires many leg exercises including squats, leg lifts, and lunges. All of the exercises for any of the guides are typically simple and something one could do at home. The book refers to a Facebook page for free exercise videos to accompany some of the guides, too.


Dr. Ordon has compiled an extensive collection of at-home remedies to many pressing problems many people, mostly women, face. The language he uses is a little forward and perhaps geared improperly as wellness should not be viewed as a means to “be every man’s … object of desire.” The diets may not be pleasing to nutritionists, as they are intense seven day plans that can not be maintained life-long. Many of the guides are insightful as they come from a man who spends his days surgically improving the look of the human body. His guides provide non-surgical ways to achieve the same effect and obviously for a fraction of the cost. The book is an interesting read and is full of tons of information from a respected doctor.

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