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Ultimate Sex Diet

Ultimate Sex Diet

Is there a more fun way to shed pounds?

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Appealing to both men and women, for possibly entirely different reasons, the Ultimate Sex Diet prescribes regular sexual activity to shed unwanted pounds. By regular, she means a lot. You should have sex with your partner three-five times during the week and at least once (or more) on the weekend.

Author Kerry McCloskey is not an expert in diet or nutrition, but has definitely shown she can do her homework. She's researched the subject thoroughly and cites many research studies saying that those who engage in plenty of sexual activity experience many benefits like a healthy heart, healthy immune system, less depression, and weight loss.

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  • Wake-up your sex life
  • Lose weight
  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • No counting
  • Author not an expert in diet and nutrition
  • Some food restrictions

Enjoy your food much like you would the exercise-portion of this diet. Food should be eaten in a calm and inviting atmosphere, chew it slowly and lick your lips after each bite. Kerry says you should make love to your food as if it were your first time. Controlling portions is also important - you wouldn't want to over do it. Rather, take just enough of each part of the meal to satisfy you.

The diet that accompanies the Ultimate Sex Diet is low-fat, high-fiber. Bread and pasta are the only really limited food item, everything else can be enjoyed in moderation. Choose low- or no-fat dairy over higher fat options, whole grains, sugar-free desserts, fresh herbs and unique spices, seafood, fruits and vegetables. You are certainly permitted dark chocolate and wine- aphrodisiacs that will promote your exercise goals.


Referred to in the Ultimate Sex Diet as "sexercising," this is where your focus should remain on shedding pounds. Other exercises are recommended - these promote additional bonding between you and your partner, as well as strengthen the key muscles necessary for this regimen.


The Ultimate Sex Diet kills two birds with one stone - have more sex with your partner and lose weight. This program not only suggests that frequent sex will help you lose weight and become healthier, it highly encourages it. The diet is fairly balanced, only restricting a few food items and including some that aren't typically. While the author is not an educated expert in this field, she presents a lot of scientific evidence to back up her claims.

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dick lover


i really loved this it totally worked for me i lost so much w8 with 4 guys a day and 7 days a week you lose alot

posted Oct 17th, 2008 11:46 am


My ex and I tried this. I have to agree with Anonymous. Cardio outside the bedroom is needed. Katie, when you don't agree with someone's review, you don't have to resort to being rude, ignorant and sophomoric. Are you even old enough to have sex?

posted Aug 27th, 2008 10:09 pm

sex kitten

i think sex is an awesome way to lose wieght. sept i havent lost more than ten lbs doing it and i eat pretty healthy. i also have sex about 14-15 times a week. (long sessions...takes up a lot of free time, but its sooo worth it). shud i be doing something different?


Dear Anomymous: maybe you would see the results if your sessions were a bit longer....


Maybe you would see better results if you focused on longer sessions...


Its wonderfull and so in touch with your needs


Sounds like something that most married couples need.


Get this book if you really love your husband!


This is stupid. it says that other excercises are recommended. Meaning... the "other" ones are what is going to help you lose weight. So basically this is a book telling you to have lots of sex with your husband/wife and then excercise! Of course you do burn calories having sex, but seriously... it's not THAT much. Me and my bf have sex more than 5 times a week and I still needed to take up some other form of cardio before any lbs came off.


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