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The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet

A fresh approach to meal-delivery diets

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  • Established: 2005
  • Founder: Zalmi Duchman
  • Headquarters: Surfside, Florida
  • Accessibility: Online ordering with daily or twice weekly delivery
  • Diet Type: Meal delivery
  • Gender: Male, female

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The Fresh Diet is a local service that hails out of North Florida and serves the entire South Florida region. It bases its fresh-food delivery service solely on the Zone Diet by Dr. Sears, but is not in any way affiliated with the good doctor or his site. Instead, The Fresh Diet is, in effect, a kitchen that cooks and compiles the best of Dr. Sear's food ideas and ships them daily to the recipient. Nothing is ever frozen or vacuum-packed.

In order to make this service both healthy and affordable, the staff at The Fresh Diet have a roll-over plan that allows you to cancel a meal within 24 hours and to re-utilize it at a later date. Thus, if you have plans to leave town for a couple days, you won't lose out on your meal ticket, you will simply order two that would have belonged to the previous week and add them at a later date. A 24/7 concierge is always at your service to help with these last-minute change of plans.

Finally, in order to accommodate their client’s likes and dislikes, or food allergies, The Fresh Diet allows up to eight choices of "never serve me" foods for their Chef's Choice package, and an unlimited array of "I do not like" listings from their Premium Choice package.

The Fresh Diet began in Florida in 2005 and continues to grow. Almost like a caterer on steroids, The Fresh Diet ensures that you never have to suffer through a TV dinner or canned soup meal again. Additionally, since it is based on one of the most respected diet plans, more commonly known as a way-of-life eating plan, it ensures that you will obtain a full array of nutritional foods that are actually good for you. No more guessing at caloric intake or trying to figure out the percentage of carbohydrates versus proteins. This company balances each meal and snack according to the Zone Diet outlines.


The Fresh Diet is a progressive company that is growing rapidly. Their chefs strive to bring new recipe ideas to the table and compete with one another for the privilege of offering them on The Fresh Diet's refreshing menu.

  • Always fresh, never frozen or vacuum-packed food.
  • Three meals and two snacks delivered fresh daily.
  • Choose meals up to 31 days ahead or no less than 3 days prior.
  • Emergency 24-hour cancellation available through a personal concierge.
  • Personal diet counselors are at your service to help advise you concerning weight issues.
  • Recently expanded to serve more locations than just Miami
  • At this time, only serving Miami, Chicago and Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • This is a Gourmet Food service and is probably not a good option for a family situation

The Zone Diet is a loud and proud proponent of the Omega-3 group of fatty acids, and their healthy benefits. Since Omega-3s are primarily found in fish oils, The Fresh Diet offers a wide array of fish, cooked to perfection by a group of chefs who enjoy cooking. Of course, they also offer steak or corned beef, but each dish is balanced with fruits, vegetables and snacks, designed for optimal nutrition. A small sampling of food choices are:

  • Crab Cake Drizzled with Chipotle Lime Sauce
  • Spicy Tilapia Steak, dressed with jerk rub & lime
  • Fruit Kabobs with Citrus Yogurt Dip
  • Smoked Salmon with eggs on whole wheat with chives and lemon balm
  • Avocado Swiss California Burger on Whole Wheat Bun
  • Exotic Fruit Salad with Fresh Mango, Papaya, Kiwi, Pineapple & Passion Fruit w/yogurt

The Fresh Diet is a big success in the limited area it currently serves. The very essence of its existence is that it provides fresh food within a defined delivery area, meaning that the food is not only the highest quality, but prepared with solid dietary foundations found within the Zone Diet. If this enterprising young business franchises, and keeps its quality and delivery viable enough to ensure freshness, it may very well be one of the best diet offerings to come along in a great while.

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Chef B

I tried The Fresh Diet for a week to see if it was worth it. The service was good & the deliveries on time every night. The food was OK, not bad, some was pretty good, but the value was not there. I paid almost $50/day for food that could not have cost $5

posted Jan 30th, 2011 9:25 pm



I got a 2 weeks trial with group on. I was excited on the first day to open my door, only to find no food, this happened 3 times our of 5 scheduled delivery days, on none of these days were there any extreme weather... Customer service kept apologizing and crediting me but I wa still stuck getting 7-11takeout on my wa to work all those days! On the 2 days I did get food... It was ok. Portions a bit small and doubtful that it truly was 1200 calories even... I ended up getting a refund from group on since their service sucked so bad. I tried this for convenience and it has been nothing but a headache and caused a major hassle! Great ide in theory, awful execution.

posted Jan 26th, 2011 7:36 pm

Heidi Tonken


I have tried multiple home delivery diets.
The food tastes great. It is much easier to stay on this diet than weight watchers since there is automatic portion control.
The food is so healthy and delicious

posted Jan 26th, 2011 2:36 am



I am loving Fresh Diet. I have not tried any other diet plans, so no comparison point but I have to say that I am enjoying every meal of mine. I am a vegetarian, and so far have liked all my selections. Infact my husband who is not a vegetarian, is always tempted to dig into my food! Its been 4 days now so I think my body is getting used to less food. I do feel hungry late afternoon, but I satisfy myself with a cup of coffee (the only exception in the day). And hello - if these are normal portions, then I am shocked with how much I used to eat prior to joining this diet plan.

I am looking forward to seeing the results after my 14 days plan. I already feel lighter...

Thank you Fresh Diet :-)

posted Jan 24th, 2011 9:35 pm


The food was ok the first day but then I woke up on the second day and opened my front door to find the bag I had placed there the night before. No new food was delivered! So upsetting since I was really depending on it. They even had the nerve to charge me for it! I have called and emailed with no response yet.

posted Jan 18th, 2011 1:49 pm



I am a foodie and so I thought this would be a better solution for me than Jenny Craig (which I have been on for the last six months losing 18 lbs,). Boy was I wrong. The food is horrible and tasteless. The description always sounds yummy but the actual food doesn't at all resemble what they describe. No seasonings are used AT ALL! Bland, boring food. Baby food has more flavor.

posted Jan 18th, 2011 4:06 am



I'm not a big person at all but I got the Fresh Diet because I liked the idea of having tasty, balanced meals delivered to my door daily. I just tried my first meals and wow, I can't believe how disappointed I am. My breakfast was cinnamon swirl french whole wheat toast with blackberry ricotta and sliced apples. Sounds good, right? I was expecting two slices of medium-sized tasty and cripsy french toast. What I got was a sad-looking single small slice of flattened whole wheat wonderbread. The apples slices were so thin I could see through them--I didn't know apples could be sliced so thin. The blackberry ricotta was tasty. The entire meal couldn't have possibly cost more than $2 though. Lunch was a lentil soup with turkey sausage and brown rice. Turkey sausage=sliced pencil-thin turkey hot dog. Gross. Plus, I was still hungry after the "lunch", which, again, couldn't have cost more than maybe $4. My hors d'ouerve was a sliced lamb chop on crostini with tomato. Silly me, I thought the lamb would be meat and not fat, and also have some sort of seasoning on it. And the "crostini" was less impressive than a triscuit. Dinner was an Asiago-stuffed chicken breast with whole wheat linguini and honey-roasted beets. OK, so after my first bite of this, I had a flashback to the airplane food I had on my way back from Hong Kong two years ago. Was I eating airplane food again? This couldn't have cost more than $8. So, the daily cost was something like $60 and what I got couldn't have possibly cost more than $15 (and that's generous). So, did I just pay a $45 delivery fee to have airplane food delivered to my door?

posted Jan 12th, 2011 12:42 am


Someone said the food portions were too small "and that defeats the whole point of losing weight".

Well, I would like to say that most overweight and OBESE people have LARGE stomachs, because they eat anything they see. It takes time for your stomach to get smaller and adjust for the portions you are eating.

I might add, that most people don't drink enough water thus they feel HUNGER when it is thirst.

We put my mother in law on this diet and it has been decent so far. Cheaper than getting a cook due to the fact that she just came out of the hospital and NEEDS to lose weight and NEEDS to have something that is well balanced for her to eat.

She has not had a problem with it so far (with taste) or delivery. She even said it is nice to have a routine.

A person will only lose as much weight as they are disciplined.

posted Dec 17th, 2010 9:17 pm



I signed up for a one-month special andI have been very disappointed with the food, which has been neither fresh nor gourmet. A number of times I received food that was spoiled or otherwise inedible, and some of the other meals were inconsistently cooked (meat varying from raw to tender to shoe leather), or had side dishes that were altered (canned fruit, etc.). I got tired of calling to complain, but was informed that if I canceled early I would be charged the $45/day normal rate for the days I had already received food instead of the $30/day special rate. This would have actually increased my overall expense!

While the company's intentions may be well-placed, the execution falls painfully short and I cannot recommend this program to anyone.

posted Nov 3rd, 2010 3:40 pm



This diet is for squirrels. I'm light headed and dizzy and about to faint by the end of the day and end up cooking for myself anyways. Way too tiny portions, half the items are hard as a rock (toast/crostini) so cant eat it all anyways. yuck!

posted Nov 2nd, 2010 4:11 pm



I am back and have lost 9 pounds on this diet. Sometimes the food is disgusting and sometimes its alright. The first week I had a good customer service experience and after that it became from bad to worse. I found mold in my fruit again which made me so angry. I called customer service 3x to exchange a meal that I absolutely hated and they promised to change it. I still received that nasty meal. Sometimes I call and no one picks up. Sometimes I write and no one responds. Yesterday dinner was a piece of veal (I decided to weigh it since it looked absurdly small and it was 1.5 oz. which I thought was absurd for dinner). When you pay so much money for a program the least you can expect is for customer service to be kissing your ass especially when you are finding mold in your food, but of course, no one is responding to your emails.

posted Sep 24th, 2010 5:20 am



I am back. Now that I've been on this diet for a little longer I have to say do not do it. On the first week customer service was good then it started lacking. There are some meals that I absolutely disliked and when I called 3x to ask them to please not deliver them they said they would make the changes yet they never did. Once again I found mold in my blackberries. Yesterday I had veal for dinner and the piece weighed 1.5 oz. Who gets satisfied with that? Especially at that price. Its a rip off.

posted Sep 24th, 2010 5:10 am

Diane Havenner


Much too expensive, very tiny portions at dinner, I had to add food to it so I wasn't starving, which defeats the purpose if you're trying to lose weight. The quality isn't great for what they charge, and it is very bland. The breakfasts and lunches are much better than the dinners in my opinion - those could use some help. Also, their customer service is not great. - they are completely unresponsive. It sounds much better than it is.

posted Sep 15th, 2010 11:25 pm


I started this diet 1.5 weeks ago and already lost 6 pounds. I definitely felt very hungry during the night but I am finally getting used to the portions. The food is good. Lunch has been pretty great dinner is alright. Snack and dessert are great but obviously SMALL. One day I received a salad with blackberries that had mold in them but I was credited as soon as I called. I know that sounds horrible but customer service was very quick and efficient.

posted Sep 8th, 2010 11:13 pm

Melissa Koller


This diet may have been fresh when they cooked it, but by the time it was delivered, it was beginning to go bad and, for the most part, inedible.
Contrary to their claims, microwave instructions are not included, so you have to guess. Some of the containers were not even microwave safe, and the food mixed with melted plastic.
I am losing weight because I keep having to throw out the food instead of eating it.
At this price point, they should be ashamed. The only thing they do right is deliver daily to your door.

posted Aug 5th, 2010 2:36 pm



Watch this program carefully! Customer service is horrible! There were days that the food wasn't delivered. Then, they don't even credit your card- they just (sometimes) give you an extra day- which is shady. I attempted to stay with this program for 16 weeks and only lost 6 pounds. MUCH better programs out there with better weight loss. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! Best of luck!

posted Jul 28th, 2010 3:11 am

Gail Rodman


The Fresh Diet is a wonderful meal delivery service! I always receive my daily meals on time and prepared beautifully. I love that I get great tasting food that is already portion controlled and calorically defined. I highly recommend it.

posted Jul 20th, 2010 7:21 am

Ricky D


Been on Fresh Diet for 3 weeks & lost 12 pounds! Only have 8 pounds to go. Cant think of any easier way to diet! Thanks FD

posted Jun 20th, 2010 3:07 am



This is my 6th day on the program. So far the food is good. When I wake up the food is on my door steps.
I hope the caloric count is accurate. I would like to have a salt content chart..

posted Jun 19th, 2010 5:48 pm



High-end ingredients, wide array of fresh (not frozen) vegetables and fruits, expertly prepared food, delivered fresh daily. You have to be someone who likes fresh produce and fresh fish. If you only like over processed foods with copious amounts of salt and garlic and onions to compensate for the poor quality of the ingredients, this probably is not the diet for you. If you like a wide variety of foods, freshly prepared in creative ways while respecting the food's own taste, then this is the diet for you. Beats all the other delivery programs out there by orders of magnitude. Nutrisystem's food is inedible conglomerations of mystery food. Diet to Go is fresh prepared but several days in advance and quality and diversity of the ingredients don't come close the Fresh Diet. Fruit on Diet to Go is a small pear or apple that under ripe. on Fresh Diet its a fruit salad with a mix of premium fruits -- blackberries, blueberries, rasberries, papaya, watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, etc. E-diets delivery is all frozen food that tastes ok but cost-wise you might as well buy low calorie TV dinners as the quality is similar. Fresh diet is for want to change their lifestyle and start eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits but do not have the time to invest in shopping and food preparation. There is no way I could have the variety of foods that I get on the Fresh Diet as a single person for the same money. It would take over an hours worth of prep time as well. It's just too easy to stop at the closest restaurant or buy a frozen TV dinner.

Have had some minor problems (delivery/food choices) but compared to the problems one experiences eating out these days these are in the noise. The company does need to develop a more robust infrastructure as it depends too much on a bunch of close knit dedicated people who will not be able to keep up the quality level as the company grows. They need to develop better thought out processes and better software in order to maintain the quality of service and their profits long term.

posted Jun 14th, 2010 11:36 am


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