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Smart for Life

Smart for Life

A low calorie cookie diet supervised by a medical doctor.

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  • Established: 2004
  • Founder: Dr. Sasson Moulavi
  • Headquarters: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Accessibility: Centers and online
  • Diet Type: Cookie diet, low-calorie
  • Gender: Male and female
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Eat decadent carbs like cookies and muffins and lose weight? Sounds great, doesn't it? That is the premise behind the Smart for Life diet. The program uses its own line of "no hunger" foods and its own interventions like vitamin injections that are used to correct any metabolic conditions. All of this is accomplished under the supervision of a medical doctor. Smart for Life promises to help you lose 12-15 pounds in one month as long as you adhere to their program.

The Smart for Life program is built on the premise that 25% of overweight or obese people have metabolic or hormonal conditions that prevent them from losing weight.

With a line of "no hunger" foods like muffins, cookies, soups, shakes and desserts, all of the foods are made with organic and natural ingredients and contain protein, fiber and amino acids. Most famous for the Smart cookie, the product line has expanded to include different flavors and products of their trademark line.

In the fall of 2010, Smart for Life introduced its first ever gluten-free product, a gluten-free Banana Chocolate Chip square. The square is low in calories and includes HeroFiber(TM), a super fiber, which includes ForteFiber(TM) Soluble Dietary Fiber, which helps to maintain cholesterol, glucose and insulin levels that are already within the normal range. By adding this new gluten-free product, the weight loss plan can now be followed by anyone who follows a gluten-free diet.

The program also includes education and motivation instruction to help you target the emotional and mental issues behind your cravings, binges and weight issues. As part of the program, you are teamed up with a physician who works one-on-one with you to customize a program and treat any underlying metabolic dysfunction that you may have.

Once you sign up, you undergo a comprehensive physical examination that includes blood work, an EKG, a Body Mass Index analysis and a discussion of the program vitamin and supplement component. In some cases, injections of Smart injections at done at specified Smart for Life Centers.

You work with the Smart for Life staff at the designated Smart for Life Centers each week to monitor your weight loss. Once you've reached your weight goal, you enter into Phase 2 of the program which is the maintenance stage. Constant contact with the trained health professionals is required until you feel confident enough to keep your weight under control on your own.

But the Smart for Life Medical program also requires that you receive an injection of hCG, a growth hormone that increases during pregnancy. hCG is a very controversial diet practice because its long-term health effects are not known and it is not accepted or approved of by the medical community. The Smart for Life Medical Weight Loss program recommends the dieter receive this Smart Injection, which is intended to kick-start your weight loss and gives you a serious boost in energy. Just how long you must receive the injections is not known.

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  • There is medical supervision for the Smart for Life program
  • Addresses underlying emotional issues of eating
  • Teaches healthy eating habits that will allow you to maintain weight loss
  • Food products are organic and all-natural
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism
  • No scientific proof that the metabolic and hormonal conditions cited as being dysfunctional in overweight people are in fact dysfunctional
  • Eating the trademarked Smart for Life line of food is no magic bullet for losing weight
  • Smart for Life food line may be more of a marketing hype than the real deal
  • Extremely low calorie diet
  • Uses hCG injections as a way to stimulate weight loss, a very controversial and potentially dangerous practice

On the Smart for Life eating program (the program doesn't like using the word "diet") you consume seven balanced meals throughout the day, which are intended to keep you in the fat burning zone continuously.

Six of those meals are Smart for Life cookies and one healthy, low fat dinner of chicken or fish with five cups of vegetables as outlined in your Program Guide included in your order.

The Smart for Life eating routine is built along the concept of mini-meals and retraining your body and mind to eat small and portion-controlled meals regularly throughout the day.

Daily caloric intake for Smart for Life is about 800 calories per day, eating seven meals and their food products, namely the Smart for Life cookies, and a healthy, low fat, high protein dinner.

Smart for Life cookies contain a proprietary blend of amino acids, fiber, and vitamins that are designed to quell cravings and give you the nutrition your body needs.

In addition, you can also use the cookies as a basis for certain Smart for Life recipes, like a Summer Parfait, which adds sugar-free preserves and chocolate dips to crumbled cookies.

There are also Smart Shakes, Smart Muffins and Smart Soups which can also be eaten as part of the Smart for Life program. One shake is the equivalent of two cookies and one soup or one muffin is the equivalent of one cookie.

The Smart for Life products contain HeroFiberTM, a super fiber blend, fish oil, plant sterols, inulin, flax seed, whole oats, and canola oil. There is also a gluten-free Smart for Life Banana Chocolate Chip Granola Square for those who cannot tolerate the protein gluten.


On the Smart for Life diet, exercise is only a part of the maintenance of your weight loss. You will work with a Smart for Life health representative to work out an exercise plan that allows you to maintain your goal weight.

When you do start an exercise program on the Smart for Life program, you are encouraged to increase your intake of water and other clear and calorie-free liquids.

Once you have reached your goal weight, it is recommended that you exercise moderately for at least 3 hours per week.


The Smart for Life program is not that much different from other similar diet programs that have you consuming specific trademarked food in order to achieve weight loss. But a very stark red flag with the Smart for Life program is its requirement of hCG injections to jumpstart weight loss. This potentially dangerous and controversial weight loss practice has unknown health effects and is not accepted by the medical community.

The good news is that the Smart for Life program does incorporate such an eating plan with the addition of using their specific foods as well as an exercise plan once you reach your maintenance phase.Moreover, this program does instill in the dieter tools and knowledge for keeping weight off for good.

Even though the Smart for Life is under the supervision of medical doctors who can monitor your progress safely, you are strongly encouraged to exercise caution before spending any money on this weight loss program.

Rather, research on successful weight loss programs has shown us that long-term and immediate weight loss comes from a smart exercise program and an eating plan that includes a low calorie, low saturated fat diet.

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cherri perez


These cookies are great, I lost 70 pounds in 7 months and I have been maintaining my weight loss for 8 months by using the cookies. I tried siegels just to see and I did not like them at all I ended up throwing all of them away except the 1 I ate they are like biting into oil nasty! I like all of Smart for life products some better then others and the best part is I finally found a diet that works.

posted Sep 16th, 2010 11:21 am



I started the Smart for Life program and lost 25 pounds within two months. The key for me was exercise and I only ate a cookie when I was hungry. I have a glass of water before and after the cookie so I was not alway hungry. I also made sure I exercise regularly. I still use the cookies but not so much during the day. Right now I am just trying to maintain and eat healthier. I rarely have red meat and pork. I can't say I'll give them up, but at least I don't have it every week, maybe once a month. The cookes worked for me and I have introduced the cookes to about three people in my office. I keep getting compliments on how much better I look since I have lost the weight.

posted Sep 13th, 2010 4:18 pm


I've tried a couple different cookie diets and settled on Capitol Hill Cookie diet because they tasted the best of all the brands by far. Just starting out and already lost 8 pounds. I'm not having any hunger issues and best of all, I feel like I'm getting rid of some of my poor eating habits that led to my weight gain in the first place. I would recommend Capitol Hill for anyone looking to try a cookie diet.

posted Aug 23rd, 2010 2:05 pm

Kevin S

I also lost wweight on the R&D Diet Cookie. I chose them because they are a smaller company without all the frills that cost a lot. I like the taste of the cookeis and they cost a lot less. I think they are the best kept secret when it comes to cookie diets. I've kept the weight off. I use the R&D cookies as a snack now and then so I don't let my eating go out of control. I still eat the foods I like (just because I lsot weight doesn't mean I no longer like big mac's!) but the cookies teach me control. I recommend them. Oh, and it didn't hurt that the weight loss was pretty quick. You just set up a system that you can live with and keep doing it. Before you know it, the weight is gone!

posted Aug 20th, 2010 9:46 pm

Richard Perry

Of all the diets I have done the Smart for Life aka Cookie Diet is the best one out there if losing weight fast is important to you. The cookies are good and you learn a lot about nutrition and weight loss. It is also very easy and convienient to do.

posted Aug 16th, 2010 11:56 pm



I've lost 25 pounds (my goal) on these cookies, and it came off fast, about 3 weeks, and has stayed off for one year now. Don't love the taste (oatmeal raisin is OK, carrot cupcakes are good), but if you take a tiny nibble with a big drink of water, it is ok and keeps hunger away. I take vitamins and flaxseed oil daily also, and instead of exercising I just try to park farther away, take the stairs, that sort of thing.

Things I like best are it refocuses your attention away from food--no decisions to make, you just eat the cookie or the cupcake or the shake or the soup, those are your only decisions. Also I like how easy it is to travel with them; no more cruising airports with cravings. Great at work---can have it right at your desk, unobtrusively, no trekking to the communal fridge and microw. I feel secure I will not be hungry and yet I don't have to waste a lot of time hunting for food and making (bad) decisions about food all the livelong day.

It also shrinks your stomach, which is great, because now I think I am a lot less likely to overeat.

Have I cheated? OK, yes, I have. But it is easy to get right back on the next day. Was a size 10, now a 6, back in my old jeans, looking forward to the college reunion. Might decide to lose more next year, but overall I just feel more relaxed about the whole food issue now, more confident I am not at the mercy of my cravings/PMS/bad food choices.

I actually saved money on this diet. (Bought from costco when they still carried it.) The one downside is I prefer to eat my big meal at breakfast and this plan forces you to eat it at night. Boo.

But overall a huge YES.

posted Jul 25th, 2010 12:51 pm


I have been using the cookies as snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I would just like to say that I'm female and PMSing and I just had a huge craving for cake. I had a cookie instead and now I'm full and satisfied. To me it doesn't matter how fast or how much I loose, it is that it will calm a PMS craving (or any others I have). Fantastic!!!

posted Jul 19th, 2010 3:21 pm

Kris K.


I am obese and have Type II diabetes. I started this program in mid-June 2010 and immediately lost 6 pounds the first week. By week 3, I had lost a total of 11!
I found better success with having a salad for lunch AND dinner, and splitting the amount of protein between the two meals. I felt too full before bed with all my protein taken in the evening meal.
Was amazed to feel really good and energetic so early after starting. I've already been able to get rid of one of my medication (3-4 more to go), which was actually making me overly hungry in the a.m.
Love the medical supervision, and that they work closely with my doctor (a great cheerleader) so she is not left out.
Reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" (in the self-help section) really helped me understand too how diabetes affects my body and its relationship with food. It is sooo worth it to give up the carbs for a healthier and longer life.
Best wishes.

posted Jul 13th, 2010 8:05 pm

Tom in Bel Air, MD

"...this diet has failed me. I have lost 18 pounds."

Losing almost 20 lbs is failing? Wow, you're a hard one to please!

posted Jul 13th, 2010 12:00 pm


I don't understand why people who haven't tried it puts it down! I lost 50 lbs on a cookie diet (I recommend the R&D Diet Cookie). It was simple and consistant. The cookies taste good and they are easy to carry around. Bottom line... if you want to make dieting difficult, exhausting, and punishing because you think you deserve it then... DON'T go on a cookie diet! BUT, don't dis' it because it has worked really well for some of us. BTW... you don't think 800 calories is healthy? Is being fat healthy? Is eating a quart of icecream in one setting healthy? I used to do that. I've kept the weight off for a year and a half now. Losing it fast was the biggest motivator for me! YaY!

posted Jul 11th, 2010 10:43 am


If diets were easy no would would be fat. Having over sugared, starchy & fatty foods too readily available has put all of us in this situation. Now it comes to choices-change what you eat or stay fat. Inevitably it comes done to the nutritional value of what you put in your mouth. Maybe if we didn't "love" our food so much it wouldn't be so hard to give it up.

posted Jul 5th, 2010 11:53 am



I love the chocolate chip cookies the best. I actually do feel full all day long eating the cookies and drinking water. I make sure I eat plenty of veggies and chicken for dinner. I've lost 15 pounds in 25 days; not bad start.

posted Jun 26th, 2010 8:31 am



Made me gassy.

posted Jun 17th, 2010 10:57 am



I like this diet so much. Easy way to loose weight. I've lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks and always feel a high energy. I only have 12 more pounds to loose!

posted Jun 15th, 2010 12:44 pm



Hello, I already posted below to say I like this cookie diet.
It is only to add that after 7 weeks, I now lost 36 pounds.
No hunger so far.

posted Jun 5th, 2010 6:10 pm



To be truthful, this diet has failed me. I have lost 18 pounds, but I did not follow the cookie diet to the letter. I couldn't. No matter how many cookies I ate and how much water I drank I could not end the feeling of hunger. Being a professional I have to attend many meetings. My stomach growling has been a source of embarrisment. I do not believe all of you who say you never are hungry. If you are saying it you probably did not stick strictly with this cookie diet either.

posted May 31st, 2010 2:51 pm



I lost 27 pounds in 5 weeks. Easy diet, cookies taste good enough, and always feel full.

posted May 24th, 2010 12:43 am



I've been on this 3 days and so far, I really like it. The cookies aren't too bad, especially if you warm them up for about 10 second in the microwave. I am drinking 2-3 liters of water a day with it and chewing gum...works! The cookies actually fill me up! Eating them during the day and then having a sensible, low carb dinner. No bathroom problems or tiredness. I actually am feeling BETTER already.

posted May 19th, 2010 10:57 am



i bought 5 weeks of the cookie diet and they will seriously last me like 5 years.

i MUST admit- the cookies work. one 100 calorie cookie eaten at 9 am kept me full until 2 pm! i would eat one for breakfast and then have a low fat subway sandwich meal (turkey) for lunch and i didn't even want dinner.

but the cookies were so nasty that i eventually just skipped breakfast and just ate lunch. so maybe i lost weight because i didn't even eat the cookies at all!

they feel like gravel in your mouth and have an aftertaste like melted plastic...

but, if you are really serious about losing weight fast they DO work... *gag*

posted May 4th, 2010 11:42 am


Okay, so I have to let the readers on this blog know this. I was on this diet for 7 weeks and lost a total of 18 lbs. When I started the diet I noticed a change in my eyes. Blurry, couldn't focus on the words had to refocus my eyes on any words or computer. would get a double vision type thing going on even went to the pharmacy to try the lowest on the readers as I have perfect vision normally. Well, I didn't connect the dots till today. I stopped eating the cookies 2 weeks ago and the symptoms went away, not thinking that it could be the cookies doing this eye thing, I thought well, I will have a day or two and eat cookies and then maintain and eat healthy other days. Then Bam again today I had 5 cookies and my eyes started getting all blurry and double vision.. so anywho I won't be eating these again, doesn't happen in everyone I know but everyone is different so I figured I would post it just in case others have had this happen and didn't connect the two together. My body must not like something or I may be allergic to something in the ingredients either way, just wanted to get the word out. Hope this helps anyone. Too bad to because I liked the ease of just grabbing a cookie. Please feel free to comment on this if anyone has had any symptoms like this or any for that matter.

posted Apr 30th, 2010 8:57 pm


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