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Skinny Bitch

Skinny Bitch

Authors create a brash entertaining read about living healthy.

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Is it time for a rude awakening about the way you're eating? Do you need a serious kick in the pants to get motivated? Then put down that junk food and grab a copy of the hot diet book, Skinny Bitch.

Penned by two fiery and passionate best friends who are proud to call themselves skinny bitches, it's the cold splash in the face any gal living an unhealthy lifestyle needs. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin call Skinny Bitch "A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous." Skinny Bitch is definitely telling it to you straight - the way your best girlfriend would tell you over a cocktail.

These girls make no apologies for the attitude, wit, and even the language found in this colorful guide to basically getting your ass in gear once and for all. They refer to sugar as "the devil" and themselves as "pigs," and encourage you to get a "sweet ass." They love food just as much as anyone. But, they've also learned a successful way to enjoy food and enjoy eating without depriving themselves and maintaining sexy little bodies. The book is backed by hard-hitting scientific evidence to back all of their claims and recommendations.

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  • Entertaining, albeit brash, read.
  • Perfect for vegetarians or vegans
  • Healthy approach to weight loss
  • Advice is anecdotal
  • Doesn't address exercise
  • One author has some education from an unaccredited school

Skinny Bitch lets you eat all the carb-packed goodness you could ever want. Oh yeah- bread, potatoes, pasta, cakes, cookies and muffins. Of course, nothing good ever comes for free, so what's the catch? No dairy. No meat. No sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sound a little vegan? That's because it is - Skinny Bitch is even endorsed by PETA.

The world is becoming more and more accommodating to the vegan and organic lifestyle. You can find many approved items even at your favorite grocery store, including organic fruits and vegetables; whole grain breads, tortillas, and pasta; brown rice; sweet and red potatoes; beans and nuts for protein; as well as a variety of goodies like organic chips, sweets made sweeter with organic, unprocessed sugars found in syrup or raw sugar. Seriously, the list goes on.

These skinny girls don't like to feel hungry and they don't like to feel like they're being deprived. And they know you're the exact same way. There's plenty to eat when you decide to make the switch to Skinny Bitch. The basic premise is simple: being skinny means being healthy. The two ideas are not independent of one another. They come right out and show the flaws of some of the more popular diets around, probably some you've followed yourself. They say in the end, those diet programs are quick fixes that will never help you get a grip on your overall health and wellness.

Skinny Bitch will educate you about the foods you're eating, how and why they have the effects on your body that they do and where you've been going wrong all along. They release you from the constraints of counting calories, but tell you to start reading all of those food labels.


The skinny girls do not delve into exercise. Skinny Bitch focuses primarily on eating habits.


What the heck are you waiting for? Skinny Bitch takes away any excuses you might have had. Once you start reading, it won't be long before you're proudly announcing that you too are a Skinny Bitch. This book is available online and through all major booksellers.

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First of all to the person who said she loves animals but was put off by the slaughter practices in the book - closing your eyes to the torture of animals doesn't make that steak any less wrong! The book is not a joke, but it is not the first of its kind. Tha language is harsh but usually in places where they get really upset with the subject. Not eating animals and having a good reason to do it is a diet practice. If someone wants the diet book to say eat whatever you want, and lose weight - well then don't bother dieting in the first place. This isn't a diet book, it is a lifestyle change. I am 5'8" and was 140 lbs, I have through active lifestyle and healthy eating lost 25-30 lbs and I look and feel amazing. The book is very straightforward - milk is meant to fatten you up, meat is horrible since you cannot digest it properly, and slaughter of animals is cruel, unethical, and is affecting our environment, and in the eggs you get the same antibiotics and hormones you would in the chickens. Refined flour and sugar is empty and nutritionaly devoid, and aspartame is a horrific poison unleashed onto us by the people who are supposed to protect us from it. My husband is 5'9" and was 200 lbs when I met him, and as our doctor said had cholesterol levels at 29 of an overweight 60 year old man. All due to exessive meat consumption. Since then we have both turned pesca-vegan. (Vegan with occasional fish and seafood). He has lost 50 lbs and has perfect BMI, and bad cholesterol level of almost 0 ( I think it's like 3 out of a 100 or something to that effect). I'm sorry but thanks to this book he won't be dying of some heart-cholesterol related illness and we are both healthy and happy. How hard is it really to simply switch to a different kind of milk, soy cream, sour cream and cream cheese. I eat everything other people do just with different ingredients. It tastes the same even better!!! If not for your body, do it for your health!!! (And if you read the last page of the book it says that the named the book skinny bitch to attract attention and sell, but they could care less about being skinny and more about being healthy)

posted Jun 21st, 2008 7:55 am


This book was a joke. Luckily I work in a bookstore where I can check books out, so I didn't waste my money on it.

posted Jun 8th, 2008 10:08 am


I'd love to hear more from people who actually tried the diet - were they successful / were they completely faithful or did they make any changes. For those who have an issue with the language, they should understand there is a very big warning on the book - it's the title!

posted May 15th, 2008 9:44 am


I went vegan after reading this book and weight started coming off after the first week. I lost 15 pounds total.Then I started overindulging on delicious vegan cookies and treats, and am now beginning to embrace the no sugar, no refined products, no white bread/ white rice rules that SB preaches. I thnk once I start removing packaged foods and sugar, I will see weight loss again.

posted May 13th, 2008 10:34 am


I bought what I thought would be a diet podcast, but they blast you with information on slaughter practices. I love animals and don't like the cruelty, but it wasn't the place for it in what was advertised as a diet. I spent my money for diet advise, not being lectured on animal cruelty and slaughter.

posted Apr 11th, 2008 3:19 pm


This book is great!! I am now a devote vegetarian and have adopted this beautiful lifestyle. Be organic, Be pure, be vegan!

posted Apr 7th, 2008 8:09 pm


Great primer for self-loathing and anorexia-


I'm already vegan and skinny bitch. I brought this book for my mother at xmas and she is now vegan too. You will lose weight on this diet and it even has a whole months worth of meal plans. Use your head - GO VEGAN!


There are books with good language and there's this one. I found it very funny and to the point and I enjoyed it. If you don't, than choose another book. It is not wrong to be written that way. What did you expect when you purchased a book with Bitch in the title


It is a GOOD book with sound advice. It would be a GREAT book if it were not for the expletives. I would like to recommend the book to others but I cannot due to the language. It is awful they tout having so much discipline and control over the flesh but absolutely NONE when it comes to the tongue. Shame on them. Perhaps the SBs will lose the potty mouth in a revised edition.

gina fichena

I'm already a vegetarian but eat cheese will I lose that much going vegan. I gained twenty pounds in the last year due to quitting smoking and perimenopause. I've tried every diet and haven'thad good luck Was going to try genotype diet but it looks really hard any comments ?

Mel R.

I loved the book. Like the previous comment stated, the language is a little vulgar. But quite honestly, it's not unlike the speech of a large part of our society. I would hope there would be some kind of warning on the audio book though, with children in consideration.


I found their language vulgar. Maybe I am just too old for their style. I bought the book on tape and couldn't listen to it with my daughter in the car. Grow up.

LuWanna S

Rory freedman and kim barnouin - you guys totally rock! Skinny Bitch is a great diet book!!


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